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Huyana’s debut EP ‘Anxious Attachment’ talks about pain and longing in relatable, evocative ways

Huyana a.k.a Varshita Ramesh is a Bengaluru-based jazz/contemporary artist who has been singing and giving live shows since she was 14. Her music is lauded for its vulnerability and relatability. The artist has also been a part of Ricky Kej’s ensemble since 2021 and has performed in Fėte de la Musique, Zomaland, Echoes of Earth, Gin Explorers Club and a plethora of other music festivals. She was also one of the 24 shortlisted artists in the second season of the NEXA Music initiative. 

The name of the EP by itself is an head-turner. The music, true to her style talks about the pain and longing that comes with trying to hold on to relationships and people who have drifted away in the most resounding yet relatable manner. With a dreamy synth beginning, ‘Can’t Fall/Won’t Fall,’ the first track of the EP perfectly paired with Huyana’s gliding vocals talks about relationships you know are not good for you but still choose to chase. The sensual lyrics, smooth saxophone and soft drums in the background paint the perfect scene together. The artist has managed to capture the back-and-forth nature of such relationships with the rhythmic rhymes. For a song that’s talking about something that’s happening in the middle of the night, the arrangement is perfect. It supports the heavy, chaotic theme, and musically brings about the toxicity and the ‘guilty pleasures’ of it all. 

The music video that shows the narrator trapped in a strait jacket shows the rough reality of being too comfortable in a situation that you clearly can get out of, which is the underlying theme of ‘Can’t Fall/Won’t Fall.’ With that being said, the artist’s amazing control over her voice shines throughout the song, thus setting a pleasant mood for the rest of the EP. 

Contrary to this, the second song ‘If Only,’ starts with a jazz/R&B intro with catchy guitar riffs. The otherwise pop track deftly captures the monotony, indifference, apathy, melancholy and the feeling of numbness when you’re anxiously attached to someone. The upbeat song shows off Huyana as a performer with her husky voice and scatting while also brilliantly playing with rhythms. It also has a pinch of drama added and is a fun track to swing along to.

One thing that stands out in ‘Anxious Attachment’ is how every track in the album is so diverse & distinct from the other. For example, ‘Breezy,’ the third track has a warm, soothing piano intro that you can just waltz around to. It has the effect of a song being played on vinyl and is reminiscent of early jazz. The slow and sweet song, true to its name, has Huyana’s vocals that feel like a gentle breeze and talks about the anxiety of waiting for a lover who doesn’t love you back. The jazz and blues track is arguably the most powerful song in the EP which shows off the artist’s vocal prowess. 

The pain can be heard in her voice which makes ‘Breezy’ stand out as a song while ‘Crush’ comes out as a catchy blast of music in your ears. The track paired with the sax and drums captures the excitement of the butterflies when you have a new crush. It’s fidgety and chaotic, so you can’t help but get caught in the frenzy of it all. The dancey track in an EP that talks about anxious attachment ends will surely make you feel strangely liberated. 

Huyana is doing a mini tour to promote this EP of couch party songs, keep a look out!

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