Hanita Bhambri’s debut EP is all about vulnerability and strength

The 24 years old singer-songwriter Hanita Bhambri has released her debut EP ‘Nothing For Our Own’. Having proved herself as one of pop’s most compelling voices after being recognised by Vogue India as one of the 10 female musicians to know in 2019, she seems to have given an empathetic support to her listeners through her soulful and unabashedly personal lyricism that totally owns ‘Nothing For Our Own’.
The EP appeals to the human-ness and the bizarre realities of the life of the listener lending its music a dark, subtle, and raw touch. The sonic blend of minor chords, minimalist synth beats, booming claps, and grand harmonies serves to an ambient mood-setting, making for an effective backdrop for an unapologetic tale of life and love. Mastered by Christian Wright at the popular Abbey Road Studios, ‘Nothing For Our Own’ gets even better by having Miti Adhikari in the credits who has recorded and mixed it.

Lyrically, this 5-track EP reflects a sense of introspection and acceptance. Anisha Uppal lets her piano add a minimalist touch to the EP, while Danik Ghosh on Bass, Aditya Dutta on Drums, Vignesh Iyer on Guitars, and Protyay Chakraborty on Violin and Cello along with a group of vocalists simmering the tracks with effervescent harmonies take this EP up a notch.

‘Nothing For Our Own’ has some striking visuals that grow on the perils of hope, acceptance, a yearning for something with the heart worn on it’s sleeves.
Hanita Bhambri’s debut EP is all about vulnerability and strength, pushing everything right to the brink and pulling it back at just the right time.

Hear the EP : Fanlink.to/nothingforourown