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Dualist Inquiry’s Personal Evolution Pours Into Adventurous 3rd Album ‘When We Get There’

Delving into his third studio album, ‘When We Get There,’ Goa-based electronic music composer Dualist Inquiry narrates life’s journey and personal evolution. Inspired by his experiences as a new dad and his adventurous auditory explorations, this musical masterpiece beautifully intertwines flavors of house, electronica, and UKG, with a refreshing hint of Indian roots and experimental strokes. Across a carefully curated suite of nine tracks, the artist invites us to a sonic discourse on introspection, self-discovery, and the profound affection inherent in parenthood.

Kick-starting the journey, the opening track ‘When We Get There’ encapsulates the turbulence of life contrasted with optimism for what is to come, conveyed via the symbolic pilot announcement. The artist weaves an immersive electronic soundscape that offers a fun, novel auditory experience. Dualist Inquiry mirrors life’s challenges with a belief in eventual triumph, backed by lively rhythms and an anticipatory aura. It’s an upbeat rallying cry to keep moving forward, promising the journey will be well worth it.

In ‘Coming Alive’, Dualist Inquiry offers an intimate portrayal of personal awakening. It’s a symphonic blend of looped synths and sitar samples that embody the feeling of opening up, kindling life. The tenderhearted tune encapsulates the artist’s sense of awe and thankfulness, inviting listeners on a euphonious journey into love and gratitude. The song wraps you in a warm embrace, making you feel cherished.

Gaining tempo with ‘Days Away’, Dualist Inquiry serves up an upbeat, dance-worthy track. This multi-layered gem skillfully entices the senses with a symphony of shifting vocal loops and the warmth of Juno chords, crafting an atmosphere of euphoria that’s reminiscent of a scenic joyride.

‘Mother,’ the fourth track, bares a raw, sincere essence, bridging the gap between past reminiscence and present parenthood. This emotional centerpiece shines with its playful, light melody, achieved through a concoction of cut samples and seemingly random arrangements. Its beauty lies in the fuzzy melody and slight distortion, evoking the imperfect yet treasured nature of memories.

The fifth track, ‘Times Go By,’ is a pulsating anthem of self-discovery, beautifully encapsulating the artist’s evolution through invigorating dance music. The mesmerizing vocal loop, “times go by – I am a little bit stronger, I am a little bit more in love,” expertly captures a sense of empowerment and deepening affection. Imbued with uplifting house tunes and soaring pads, it’s an audacious ode to self-growth.

‘All There Is,’ the alpha track of the album, introduces an eclectic blend of punchy drum pads, creating an almost euphoric, upbeat atmosphere. Peering into our transient existence and the transformation of our memories over time, this track is an uplifting expedition of ethereal vocals, expressive arpeggios, digital nuances, and garage-inspired breaks. It beautifully manifests Dualist Inquiry’s continual evolution, effusing a vibrant, heady mood that spirals its listeners through a buoyant, contemplative space-time journey.

‘Bloom’, the seventh track, immerses the listener in atmospheric realms, marked by deep, pulsating tones. Epitomizing the artist’s resilience in the face of adversity, the song combines melancholic percussion, eerie childlike vocals, and an elevating melody. This piece is a testament to personal growth through challenging times, subtly conveying the message to remain focused, even when the path forward isn’t clear.

‘I Need To Know,’ the eighth track, ventures into an auditory wilderness with unique tinkling sounds. It’s a sonic adventure brought to life by experimenting with a Buchla modular synth plugin. This piece stirs up a sense of curiosity and a yearning for understanding, with its abstract and psychedelic soundscape echoing the unpredictable twists of life.

‘My Light, My Fire’ marks a magnificent end to ‘When We Get There’. Melding traditional elements with synth tones, this final track is like returning home after a journey, offering a fresh perspective on the familiar. This heartfelt composition resonates deeply, highlighting the unwavering optimism pulsating within the album. Overall, the album is a compelling narrative encapsulating Dualist Inquiry’s life journey, internal growth, and celebration of newfound fatherhood. Centered around electronic beats and Indian influences, the nine-track album serves as a creative canvas and auditory journal for all.

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