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Diarchy Redefines Their Sound With Their New Album “Splitfire”

Yes, stoner-rock is a thing, and what better way to segue into this genre than with the help of Diarchy. This hard-hitting rock duo from Bangalore has had tremendous success in the industry ever since their inception back in 2015. With the release of their debut album in 2017, they rose to fame not only among the stoner-rock community but were acclaimed by fans of different genres as well. One of the definitive reasons for their assorted fan following would be their incredible, ebullient live performances that attracted and won the hearts of many.

Come 2020, the band has released their second album ‘Splitfire’ today. There is a gradual shift in their signature sound that is evident in this album as the duo has managed to inculcate a plethora of melodic influences to their sound. The band unfurls their creative wings with a number of experimental elements that can be heard with this album. The listener is set to experience a sundry of guitar tones, harmonic tunes and production wizardry that sweeps across the entire album. It’s this sense of diversification in the songs that is bound to keep the listener hooked, never knowing what to expect from the next track as the current track nears its end. Diarchy has managed to make this transition from their raw, unfettered stoner-rock sound to a more variegated palate with dexterity and pure skill. The tracks have been placed carefully so as to shuffle the feel that a listener gets each song. While songs like “Kamal Hossen” and “Badger” exude an out-and-out heavy rock sound, “Kraanti” and “Home” explores their quieter, melodic side while an eerily beautiful track slowly brings us to the end of the album.

‘Splitfire’ puts forth to the community that Diarchy as a band is not afraid to experiment, venture and grow. Each and every track in this album is gripping, melodic and beautiful and the fans should expect nothing short of masterpieces from their upcoming releases as well.

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