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#CDBabySelects Hashbass’ ‘For Anita’ Is A Brilliant And Impassioned Tribute To His Mother

The pain of losing a parent is unparralled and is dealt by people in their own personal ways. When renowned bassist and producer Harshit Mishra aka Hashbass lost his mother a year ago, he decided to put together a song as a tribute, one that is both briliant in musicianship and is impassioned.

In collaboration with Shubha Mudgal, Warren Mendonsa (Blackstratblues) and Nikhil Mawkin, Harshit’s first release marks the start of the musician’s career as an independent artist and producer. Leaning into the power of music that drives him, Harshit begins his journey with the song For Anita, a tribute to his late mother who always inspired him to pursue music. With all proceeds going towards the Anita Misra Memorial Trust (Regd.), that will aim to support underprivileged families with pre and post surgery medical relief.

Harshit Misra with his mother Anita Misra

The song’s weight in musicality is added by the featuring of guitarist Warren Mendonsa (Blackstratblues), Shubha Mudgal’s lyrics and vocals, and drums by Delhi based drummer Nikhil Mawkin. Bass, Keys and Synth have been played Harshit and the track has been produced by him himself. The track begins with Warren’s guitar licks and Mawkin’s slow drums, followed by Shubha Mudgal’s vocals. Till the time the lyrics arrive, you’ve already been wrapped in the aura that the track has managed to create in less than a minute. Shubha Mudgal then sings of the pain of loss ‘Dil ke kone mein baitha chhupa, aansu ka katra, moti jada’ and it makes you feel each and every word because she effortlessly renders them. Warren’s quintessential guitar solo kicks in post that and you can’t help but wonder at this massive collaboration that Harshit has managed to stitch together.

Speaking on the song, Harshit shares… “For Anita is a song for my mother Anita Misra. It is also a song that represents the love, care, affection, strength, fight, pain that she went through, and is for every other mother who just gives selfless love to us children… It is also a song for all the people around the world who came together to help me and my father to save her, pray for her, or just be there on the journey for this strong woman with the most brilliant smile.”

For Harshit’s mother, Shubha Mudgal had been her favourite. Performing with her the night before his mother passed, Harshit knew only she could add the emotions he hoped to convey in the song. Speaking on the collaboration, Shubha Ji shares, “I wish I could have sung for Anita ji in person, but sadly, I was unable to ever meet her in her lifetime. Having lost the opportunity to meet her, I am grateful to Harshit for having invited me to be a part of the track “For Anita”. For a musician, love and loss are best expressed in song, and that is exactly what I have attempted to do through my tiny contribution on the track.” 

‘For Anita’ has been released via CD Baby, the largest online distributor of independent music in the world.

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