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Bharg Establishes Himself As The New Face Of Alternative Indie Pop With Debut Solo Album ‘Nikamma’

Multi genre music producer and singer-songwriter, Bharg, shot to fame in 2021 with his collaborative debut album ‘Sab Chahiye’ with Delhi based rapper, Rawal. In just two years, he has made his mark on the Indian music scene with a broad catalogue that boasts of a wide variety of sounds, composed for mainstream as well as underground/indie artists. Even though Bharg has always been a fervent singer-songwriter who makes pretty-boy indie pop music, he is primarily recognised through his high profile production credits. With his debut solo album ‘Nikamma’, he aims to shift artistic trajectory as he takes the center stage and brings to life all the ideas that he might have envisioned during the come up. 

This album isn’t solely about me; it’s a connection, allowing them (the fans) to relate their lives to my music. I aim to be a mediator, helping them realize themselves through my musical expression”


Bharg makes the album interpersonal through various skits and voice messages directly addressing his fans. The invitational intro, ‘Namaskar’ sets tone and plays into the title track, ‘Nikamma’. An archetypal pop punk record invoking the nostalgia of teenhood and the inherent angst of being pushed into the adult life. Notably, Bharg’s characteristic soft vocal texture adds a vital individualistic flair to a sound that may not have a lot of differentiating elements at it’s core. ‘Akela’ is Bharg in all his glory, giving an ode to his loneliness. The layered vocals and harmonies provide grandiosity to this intimate cut. Akash Shravan has managed to add personality to the mixes which provide aeration for the vocals to float on the beat. The eccentric production and Chaardiwaari’s vocal dramatics in the viral single ‘Roshni’ grab your attention whether you like it or not. A cartoonish shehnai laced beat masks the existential dread in the lyrics as the boys search for a ray of hope in their lives. Their hunt for ‘Roshni’ ends with a out of place growl by Harsh Agarwal.

“Aukaat chhotii par sab chahiye” he screams in ‘Tujhme Nhi Hai’. A sincere pop rap track that motivates you to the core as Bharg raps about the hindrance that he faced in his come-up and his aspirations for the future. His vocals are expressive and passionate as ever making sure that everyone who doubted him know that he has arrived. In “Boldu Sach”, the omnipresent Mumbai rapper Yashraj makes sure that the spotlight doesn’t leave him as he delivers the most memorable verse of the whole album. I’ve been critical of his work in the past but this feature substantiates that he is a true emcee and has skills to back up what he boasts of in his tracks. The vocal percussions and adlibs prove to be a great addition to the beat. Just when I had decided on my favourite cut from the album, comes ‘Nazdiqiyan’, featuring the talented singer songwriter duo Maamuli. You’re transported to a make believe world deviod of any problems where a band of three angels is harmonising and singing for you. This might be the best arranged and composed pop song I’ve heard in maybe the last five years. The album ends the way it started–with a soft, nostalgic, youthful pop punk song and a heartfelt goodbye message ‘Dhanyawaad’.

Nikamma is a short coming of age album, full of heart. It keeps throwing emotional and nostalgic punches at you, not letting one settle even for a second. Through this 7 song project Bharg allows himself to acknowledge and verbalize his insecurities, fears and moments of pompousness. He scratches the surface of a bunch of different sounds in the album which deserve to be explored fittingly, possibly in his future projects. ‘Nikamma’ has definitely opened the floodgates of Bharg’s creativity and it would be exciting to witness the direction in which the ‘Sab Chahiye’ maker takes his music.

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