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Anubhav Silas’ Debut EP Twenty Four Hours- A Solid Self Produced Modern Prog-Metal Record

Anubhav Silas, the 22-year-old New-Delhi-based guitar prodigy’s debut EP Twenty Four Hours is an instrumental marvel that is self-assured in its execution flowing out naturally without trying too hard. Mixed and mastered by Triquetra Studio, the 5-track EP is a sonic manifestation of the rippling emotions one experiences daily. The songs constituting the EP have also been monikered appropriately keeping the theme in mind with the central narrative of the pieces aligning with the same.

Silas is relaxed in his approach, yet technically sound. Needless to say, that level of technical proficiency requires a certain amount of level-headedness to deliver a clean batch of riffs consistently without spilling out or getting disoriented. This is quite observable in “Prime” that alternatively uses damp and dry tones for its solos with sudden shifts in tempo and rhythm. This alternating rhythmic pattern is noticeable throughout the EP making it quite unpredictable in certain places which consequently works for it by eliminating any scope of repetitiveness. “Noontide” leans on the heavier side starting with an extended shred-y guitar section backed up by sonorous palm-muted chugging. But quickly, it effloresces its way into an extended synth solo (by the guitarist’s brother, Ankit Silas) that smoothly evens out its overall heaviness while adding a layer of effervescence to its soundscape. In terms of the EP, this element of contrast itself is served by “Intro” which is serene and radiant, almost akin to daybreak.

“Bash” features Pineapple Express guitarist Ritwik Bhattacharya on the guitars who together with Silas’s impeccable dexterity on his instrument, effortlessly brings out a track that boasts a certain level of zest in its soundscape.

The EP comes to an end with “Grey Twilight” which commences with a slow section of chordal arpeggios, so when the first solo hits, it comes off as a smooth transition. Eventually picking up its pace, the song incorporates heavier elements along its way. Moodier than the others in the EP, it takes you into a daze with its meditative solos and reverb-drenched embellishments.

It is safe to say that Twenty Four Hours exceeds most expectations when it comes to producing a good debut mixtape in all aspects. From skillful compositions, flawless phrasings, and polished instrumentations to a professional mix, the EP takes into account all elements that go into making a modern prog-metal record, and for a first-timer, it is quite a feat I must say.

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