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Alvin Presley’s Latest EP ‘Pain Geography’ Provides An Intimate and Soothing Exploration of Pain 

An alternative/indie singer–songwriter from Chennai, Alvin Presley is a gem of an artist. Proficient in playing more than 20 instruments, he produces for multiple indie and Bollywood artists gaining millions of viewers. After releasing his debut EP ‘Fall Today,’ he found major success after it was played on various radio channels across the globe. He then went on to play 3 international festivals like Ditto Music Festival in the UK, DesiFest in Canada, and Festival Allianza in Mexico City. He was also a part of the well-known fest ‘Zomaland’ in Chennai back in 2020. 

Presley was also turning heads when he got featured in the indie podcast Maed in India. In 2022, he also went on an All India tour playing 12 shows in 9 cities. In the same year, he was also in the lineup to perform at the International Chess Olympiad held in 2022. Over the past three years, Presley shot up to fame and rightly so. 

His well-deserved recognition has now led him to release his sophomore EP ‘Pain Geography,’ which was written, composed, and produced by him. He wrote the songs in early 2022 and during his tour and the EP shows his growth as a musician. Released on March 1st, ‘Pain Geography’ takes you through themes of nostalgia, love, loss, anxiety and ultimately, self-discovery with the main theme being pain – an intimate yet universal emotion. 

The EP begins with a simple introduction to the journey of pain through the song ‘Take It All.’ It takes you through the emotions of sadness and pain with the music later building with the distorted vocals fading and the crackle of electricity taking over. It leaves the listener on a high at the end of the song.

‘Pain Geography’ then progresses into ‘I’ll Miss this Day,’ a song that makes pain a beautiful experience. With the chill/soft rock vibe with the electric guitar intro and soothing drums, Presley paints a wonderful scene through this song. With the juxtaposition of the mysterious tune and the happy lyrics, he surely stood out as an artist through this song. The groovy drum rhythm pattern brings a sense of freedom in the listener while the depth of the lyrics brings a sense of aloofness. All of these come together to create a magical experience.

‘Love Will Come to You,’ the third song in the EP uses the age-old romance between the concept of love and the piano. A song that feels like a ballad, it makes use of various instruments like the flute, violin, etc. Following this song is ‘Leaning,’ which switches the mood to one full of happiness. Presley proudly showcases his ukulele skills in this beautiful song that talks about modern-day investments a person makes to get happiness. As the title suggests, the singer/songwriter talks about love coming back to us, sometimes through means we seldom think about. A song that is like a remedy for pain, ‘Leaning’ reminds people that all of us need support no matter what we’re going through.

The EP closes off with the song ‘Afraid of Love,’ a track with a folk influence heavy on the guitar chords. This song talks about the toxicity that loving someone can bring while showing off Presley’s exceptional guitar and vocal skills. 

It is safe to say that after listening to the 15-minute EP, it leaves one wanting more from this superb producer. It plays at your emotions and brings a sense of calm while showcasing Alvin Presley’s production and vocal prowess. In a world that divides us, this EP has the potential to bring people together through pain and the experiences we have.

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