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5 Online Tools All Independent Musicians Should Know About

Knowing how to make music alone doesn’t suffice to be an independent musician in the scene today. As the world is getting more interconnected, it is important for artists to dabble with technology and make the best use of it. There may be people who are capable of taking care of the back end work, but learning how to do it yourself can help you save tons of money. You can also become a self-sufficient artist and gain some valuable skills along the way! 

Here are the top 5 tools that independent musicians can make use of: 

1) Canva:

One of the most popular apps present today, Canva has some of the best templates and fonts. It is useful to create logos, posters, IG posts and videos in the most aesthetic way possible. Canva is like your personal graphic designer which can help make the best visual content. Of course, anything that looks attractive on your feed wil garner more likes, followers, and fans.

2) Wix/Wordpress: 

It is very important for an indie artist to have a website of his/her own. A one-stop destination for listeners, journalists, PR executives, etc to get an idea of who you are as an artist.

These two website-creating platforms are super easy to use. You can choose the look of the website based on your personal taste. They can even represent the kind of music you make and create an image for yourself. You can have useful things like blog posts, gigs, images, links to magazine features and music thus creating a valuable portfolio.

3) MuseScore:

This is for all the amazing music composers out there. Not only does MuseScore help you notate the music in your head and hear how it sounds, it also has over 1 million scores available for you to play. Basically, it helps you learn, create, and edit musical notations.

4) InShot/YouCut: 

These apps are for the tiny video and photo edits you might have to make sometimes. They are free and user-friendly and help you unleash your creative side. Basic editing like – trimming/cutting videos, adding or removing music, adding texts, stickers, glitch effects, etc can be easily done through InShot and YouCut.

5) Garage Band/BandLab: 

Perfect for quick SM edits, these apps are like a professional DAW in your pocket. BandLab even allows musicians to share your music with other musicians and fans. GarageBand also has a wide selection of session drummers and percussionists. Both the apps have some limited but amazing instruments, presets (for guitar and voice) thus making it perfect for beginners and some minor edits.

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