Kaidi No. 79 : Stories of people who find themselves trapped

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Kaidi No. 79 is the debut hip-hop album released by Ruhaan and DAKSH. Ruhaan is a multilingual rapper & lyricist from Jaipur, while Daksh is the music producer among the two. It is a culmination of the stories of people who find themselves trapped in many ways. The overall music on this album is dark, ambient and a few tracks comprise of hypnotic beats. Through this album, the artists wish to bring out the realities that the common person faces in his/her daily life and also highlights the problems of our society.

This album is also a reflection of raw emotions and honest songwriting. For instance, the track “Duniya” has a hauntingly dark tone to it, and speaks about how nowadays everything can be commodified, and values have taken a backseat. Most of the tracks on this album have a slow-paced composition, on which strong lyricism is added to.
The element of protest against society’s conventions is present in quite a few tracks. This EP is a must listen for everyone who is into hip-hop music and appreciates raw lyricism.

Written by Devyanshi Agarwal

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