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Yashraj Unveils A Brand New Side Of His Artistry Through ‘Ladke Convict’

The Bombay-based artist has been relentlessly releasing music since this summer. Known for his emceeing skills, Yashraj’s latest double-packer showcases his break from the poetic style he’s celebrated for. Released on the 22nd of September, ‘Ladke Convict’ produced by Manin with features from Hanumankind and Chaar Diwaari is a treat to the audience. The tracks reveal a newer side to the artists as they project their energy into the thrill-filled ride. According to Yashraj himself, “The main idea behind this project is to get closer to express the energy of the rooms we make this music in and portray the adrenaline rush, hype and the rage that we feel while creating these songs and give listeners a sneak peek into the overall experience.”

The first track, ‘That’s a Fact!’ sees Hanumankind starting off with his high-pitched vocals, his verse flexes the capability of the Bangalore-based rapper to blend in different styles. His vocals give way to Yashraj as he takes over and performs his part in a fast-paced flow. The production by Manin is commendable, the bouncy beat sets up the tone of the track. With well-done drums and 808s, vibey verses, and stunning flows, the collaborative piece boasts an unmatchable raw energy that the artists have displayed, and That’s a Fact!

The next track featuring Chaar Diwaari, alongside Yashraj and Manin is a rather satirical one, one couldn’t expect this coming since the last time the ‘Mitti’ duo had collaborated, the track turned out to be in a more consequential theme. ‘Identity Theft’, lasting exactly three minutes is just Chaar Diwaari and Yashraj flexing their prowess while not even trying to be their best. Being good friends off the booth, the rhymers steal each other’s style and move ahead with name-dropping each other’s tracks to hilariously emphasize the Identity Theft idea. Manin’s production on this one contributes more to the rage-filled track. With beat switches and working with different sounds and samples, he flexes his abilities as a producer with the breakneck of a song.

The artwork of the project is another interesting aspect worth talking about. Yashraj has a history of meticulously adding different elements that have a significant interpretation. In the backdrop, one can spot three CDs that embark on the three projects Yashraj has released, including this one. On the right-hand side, Hanumankind portrays a ‘gangsta’ look with a gun smoking from its barrel, as if it was used just now. He even has a gas cylinder with ‘Go To Sleep GAS’ written on it, foreshadowing his latest banger. One can even spot a poster with 4 hidden entities (the artists’ outline), with the names of the tracks pinned on a wall. On the left, Manin seems to be cooking the beats on his laptop while also keeping an eye on Chaar Diwaari as he plays with certain substances as if he is a chemist. This could be to foreshadow the experimentalism Chaar Diwaari’s art boasts about. Right in the middle of the cover art, Yashraj can be spotted having food and chilling. Below the sofa he is resting on, one can see the ‘Hausla’ box. The track was an introspective one as Yashraj talked about courage and how one can utilize it to be different and lead, rather than being a follower. Being outside the masked box, Yashraj wants to imply the success he has gained and the game-changing art he has practiced. The artwork is made to roleplay a portrait that captures these artists in the studio or the ‘rooms’ Yashraj talks about, the messy setting and the artist’s expressions aptly summarize the project.

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