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With Debut EP “Sad Boi Forever” Trap Monk Is Set To Carve A Niche In The Lo-Fi Genre

Honey Sharma aka Trap Monk is a multi-genre artist and producer from Jaipur, and is one of the very few artists in India who makes Lo-fi music. He cultivated his interest in music from his father who practices classical music. His influences include hip-hop and urban Punjabi music which helped him in discovering his sound. Trap Monk believes that music is the language of the universe and his vision is to create music that becomes an expression of this language and reflects the truth of various dimensions of reality.

His very first single “So Far” was an upbeat track, with elements of fusion of EDM and Hindustani classical music in the chorus. Having produced for rappers like Rocky Glock, he has now released his debut EP “Sad Boi Forever”. It is actually a first of a kind indie EP in the Lo-fi genre, consisting of an eclectic mix of Lo-fi, trap and hip-hop music. The EP elucidates the various stages a teenage boy goes through when he has his first break-up. All the tracks have a somber yet chill kind of a vibe, they are relaxing yet groovy. The spaced out tunes and consistent beats in all the tracks make for a rhythmic and calming musical experience. The EP is written, produced, sung and mixed-mastered by Trap Monk himself. The deep vocals in all the tracks are also something to look forward to in this EP.

The sequencing of the songs is done on the basis of the different stages of the breakup that the boy goes through. The first song ‘Phone Call’ is literally about a phone call where the girl informs the boy that they have to go their separate ways. This leaves the boy devastated and full of grief. There are trap influences in this track, along with a catchy beat and a deep vocal texture. Lyrically, the track is full of emotions and pain which the listener can also resonate with.

The second track is titled “Don’t Go” where the boy asks his lover to not leave him. Sonically, this is similar to the first track with a sustained beats same feeling of pain and sadness. The third track “Falling” is where the artist feels helpless, broken and questions his self-worth due to the break-up. It is a slow listen, with a soft beat and subtle percussive sound.  The fourth song ‘Pretty Lies’, has a soft guitar tune on which the entire song is based. The outro section has subtle vocal harmonies which make this song even more poignant.  This track is about realizing and accepting that the love that was once there is no more.  

The last and the fifth song ‘Have You Ever Loved Me’ is about the myriad questions that the boy has after the break-up. It may not be so evident, but in certain places the vocals have been edited to include a cute animated voice, which adds to the charm of the track. Through this track, the artist wishes to know if the girl has ever loved him or not. The interspersed deep bass sound in the outro gives the EP a great finish.

Lo-fi as a genre is still not very popular in India but upcoming artists like Trap Monk are paving the way for this genre’s apread in the Indian music scene. This EP is definitely a must listen for all those who were looking out for an indie release in this genre since a long time.

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