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With CandyFloss’ Music, Dive Into Childhood Nostalgia, Broken Friendships And Psychedelics

CandyFloss is a Bombay based synth-pop duo formed in 2018 as a collaborative project between Amartya Chakrabarti and Angad Bhatia. Sharing their appreciation for The Beatles and the 80s Disco sound, the two artists started experimenting with electronic synth-pop. Through their music, they try to explore what synth-wave/synth-pop means to them while drawing inspirations from the 60s psychedelic movement.

The duo released their debut single ‘Alien Time Machine’ in 2018, which was followed by another single – ‘Lime Coda’. Candyfloss’s music has elements of synth-pop, synth-wave and electronic dance music, along with soft rock tunes. Majorly, the tracks revolve around the themes of nostalgia, vivid journeys and the feelings of not “fitting in” the traditional structures of our society. Their music is quite different in terms of its mix and production, as it is an amalgamation of many genres, including funk, pop, and electro-pop. While listening to the tracks, listeners will feel elated and joyous, as they are reminiscent of our past memories and a happy and carefree childhood. However, a deep dive into the lyricism reveals that the tracks often question the meaning of life itself, starting right from our childhood. The artwork, the titles of the tracks and the name ‘CandyFloss’ itself reminds us of delicious food items, including fresh lime sodas and summer ice creams that were a huge part of most of our formative years.

‘Alien Time Machine’ and ‘Lime Coda’ are intriguing synth-pop tracks, with interesting vocal layering and consistent beat progressions. They seem to remind us of our childhood days and of the unfamiliar terrains and imaginations that we as children would venture into. ‘Alien Time Machine’ also has some extra-terrestrial sounding beats, which gives the track an even more mysterious turn.

Their latest release, ‘Scoop Out the Sun’ is a tale in two tracks, diving into childhood nostalgia, broken friendships, and a possible adventure with psychedelics. The themes of young adulthood, relationships based on false ideals and the likelihood of dreams never turning to reality are explored. ‘Ice Cream of Summers’ is surely a refreshing track, with a catchy hook and a sing-along melody. It is interesting to hear how food items have been used as metaphors in the track to describe life events and observations made by the artist. In the artists’ own words, “Stuck in its own jukebox, Ice Cream of Summers shuffles through flavours and the moods of the protagonist. It describes how the protagonist is unable to adjust to the strict school structure. And looking at the larger picture, the track is a reminder of the things we once considered significant, but now feel too fickle to revisit.” Listening to this track certainly takes us back to our school days and makes us introspect about our life in school and how our thoughts and beliefs were shaped as children, which we never questioned back then. The vocals hit a sweet spot, and the overall feel of the track is groovy and charming.

The second track “Velvet Swerve” seems like a happy go lucky track, however on a more careful listening, one can find darker undertones. The story of the track is based on the premise that the protagonists are locked in a make-believe system, which is an unknown dimension where even UFO’s and planes do not fly. It seems that although the protagonists want to be there for each other during this bizarre trip, there are some ups and downs in their relationship. The rap verses by Ayaan add an upbeat tempo and the vocals give a touch of dream pop tunes. There also seems to be a subtle reference to the use of psychedelics that has led the protagonists to undertake this trippy journey.

The outro of both tracks signifies a certain doom and a breaking down of structures that we have known so far.  

Overall, CandyFloss’ music is a great listen for those looking to explore profound lyricism and traverse through other worldly dimensions with music. It takes us back to the psychedelic sounds of 60’s and the funky retro vibe of 80’s music. The music is unique in its own way, seemingly simple at first but calling for a deeper introspection upon listening, and hence paving the legacy of synth-pop music in the indie scene.

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