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Varun Nimbolkar’s “Dreams For A Living” EP Melds Classical Essence With Rock Resonance

Step into the realm of musical exploration by Varun Nimbolkar, a maverick in the Indie scene whose Sitar strings resonate tales both ancient and avant-garde. His artistry isn’t just a fusion; it’s a captivating collision of lyrical narratives and the melodic mystique of Sitar-based instrumentals.

Trained under the esteemed guidance of Ustad Usman Khan and Pt. Vijay Koparkar, Nimbolkar isn’t bound by tradition; he dances on the edge of it. His compositions aren’t mere melodies; they’re kaleidoscopic journeys, seamlessly weaving the classical essence with a vibrant tapestry of rock, blues, and electronica. Picture this: the Sitar, an instrument rooted in history, now transmuted into a conduit for contemporary enchantment with guitars in the background. Nimbolkar’s proficiency doesn’t just replay his mentors’ teachings; it reinvents them, forging an audacious path that thrums with both reverence and rebellion.

Rosemary, For Remembrance

Within the heartfelt strains of “Rosemary, For Remembrance,” Varun Nimbolkar crafts a sonic mural that transcends mere notes—a love letter to time’s fleeting embrace. The sitar, an acoustic storyteller, entwines its melody with electric guitars against a soft rock canvas.

This instrumental tale beckons, painting a romantic saga where each chord echoes a love’s intricate journey. It’s jubilant, a celebration of memories, tenderly reminiscing in musical whispers. Varun’s fusion of soft rock, blues, and indie hues creates an intimate poetry within the song’s fabric. Accompanied by an ensemble of instruments—from acoustic and electric guitars to bass, drums, and a myriad of percussions—the melody becomes a lyrical canvas, evoking an ache for moments cherished in the heart’s gallery.

In the hush of “Jogiya,” Varun Nimbolkar’s melodic voyage unfolds through the whispering echoes of passion and innovation. Enveloped within the blend of Folk Rock, Drum & Bass, and Blues Rock, lyrical verses in Hindi intertwine diverse cultural roots from India, Africa, and beyond.

Imagine a realm cloaked in depth and fervency, where Varun’s vocal hues paint a dance of light and shadows, embodying both solemnity and radiance. It resonates with the echoes of ancient melodies yet gleams with the novelty of dawn—a composition that feels both familiar and unprecedented, an evocative canvas of musical artistry.

Djembe, Darbuka, and percussive rhythms waltz in harmony alongside bass, drums, Electric Sitar, ethereal pads, and enigmatic soundscapes. Together, they craft a symphony of unspoken emotions—a fusion that carries the weight of yearning and devotion, echoing through the chambers of the soul. This, is a sonnet that beckons, stirring hearts with the timeless allure of a saga untold.


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In the melodic embrace of “Remnants,” Varun Nimbolkar, accompanied by Kaustubh Hile’s poignant poetry, crafts a soulful narrative. The song, an ode to the remnants of a past love, unfolds as a gentle homage—a serene contemplation on cherishing the incomplete. Imagine a scene: the subject nestled within walls, tuned into a radio’s whispers, when suddenly, poetry unfurls, breathing life into lingering memories. That’s “Remnants” for you.

Varun’s vocals, interlaced with Hile’s eloquent verses, become the vessel for emotions mirroring the subject’s wistful journey. It’s a minimalist arrangement mixed with a gentle caress of Acoustic Sitar, Guitars, Pads, and Synths, where each note a brushstroke painting the portrait of a mind lost in reverie. It’s a serene voyage through the corridors of nostalgia, a meditative canvas unveiling the beauty found within the fragments of a once-treasured love.

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