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Vadodara-based artist NIICK’s ‘BEHRUPIA’ addresses human idiosyncrasies and the notion that all art is inherently political

NIICK, a Vadodara-born rapper and producer, has made his mark on the Indian hip-hop scene with his distinctive combination of thought-provoking lyrics and catchy beats. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Andre 3000 and Kendrick Lamar, NIICK’s music authentically represents the streets, resonating deeply with listeners. His talent has earned him praise from industry figures like Divine’s producer Karan Kanchan. Now, with the release of his debut album “BEHRUPIA,” NIICK explores human identity, defying norms with compelling stories and powerful melodies. Each track offers a glimpse into the multifaceted nature of existence, solidifying NIICK’s position as a visionary artist on the rise.

BEHRUPIA is an eight-track album featuring various artists and produced by Vadodara-based artist Crasher, explores the daily struggles and societal issues faced by ordinary people. The unconventional composition draws inspiration from the artists’ personal experiences, addressing human idiosyncrasies and reinforcing the notion that all art is inherently political.

The album opens with the track “Carti Carti Carti,” which serves as a poignant reflection on NIICK’s unconventional music career. Inspired by Playboi Carti’s iconic line, NIICK navigates the complexities of pursuing his passion amidst societal judgments. Against a melodic backdrop, he offers a raw glimpse into his innermost thoughts, redefining his identity by accepting flaws. 

In “Shahsak,” NIICK establishes his presence in the hip-hop scene with an infectious beat and bold lyrics. He explores the duality of his ambitions, balancing the desire for a low-key life with his determination to rise to the top. The track also nods to the Gujarati community’s prominence in various fields. Crasher’s skillful production, featuring a captivating trumpet beat switch in the second verse, elevates the song, making it a surefire crowd-pleaser at live shows.

After the energetic “Shasak,” a skit offers a sobering reality check. NIICK’s friend questions the feasibility of his music career, highlighting the industry’s challenges. This candid conversation is the third track ‘Kalakaar’ which reminds NIICK of the obstacles he faced and the dark thoughts that accompanied him on his journey, and the track smoothly transitions into the next banger “Daldal”.

In “Dal Dal,” NIICK bares his soul, delivering a deeply personal and relatable track that resonates with middle-class dreamers. The experimental music, featuring haunting piano melodies, perfectly complements NIICK’s raw emotions as he navigates life’s chaos and pursues answers. As the song builds, frustrations give way to hope and determination, symbolising NIICK’s unwavering commitment to his dreams. Both NIICK and Crasher showcase their artistic prowess in this standout track from “BEHRUPIA,” making it a testament to resilience and faith in the face of adversity.

The fifth track “Layak” is an interlude exploring the fragility of human connection. NIICK’s vulnerable lyrics express the conflicting emotions of desire and fear when meeting someone new, yearning for genuine companionship. Crasher’s seamless samples add depth, underscoring themes of love, apprehension, and the transformative power of heartbreak. 

The next song “Lagaav” talks of love, attachment, and timing. NIICK’s introspective lyrics, complemented by Crasher’s emotive harmonica and Aakansha’s soulful vocals, vividly capture the pain of missed connections and unrequited love. The track’s melancholic narrative and lasting impact make it a standout on “BEHRUPIA”. 

In “Hu Koh,” NIICK pays homage to his hometown, Vadodara, with a vibrant and captivating hood anthem. Derived from Gujarati slang, the song’s traditional vibe and evocative storytelling paint a vivid picture of the city’s carefree spirit and youthful energy. You’ll hear a sample from legendary Garba singer Atul Purohit and the incorporation of “Timli” drums add an infectious and playful twist. 

NIICK’s album closer “KP Yeh Tune Banaya” is a triumphant celebration of the creative partnership that birthed “BEHRUPIA.” Named after Crasher’s producer tag, the track pays tribute to their brotherly bond and collaborative genius. NIICK’s reflective lyrics encapsulate the album’s core message, striking an emotional chord with listeners. The song’s climactic synth outro leaves a lasting impact, solidifying NIICK’s position as a visionary storyteller. As the final chapter of “BEHRUPIA,” “KP Yeh Tune Banaya” ensures that NIICK’s artistry will resonate in the hearts of his audience long after the music fades.

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