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Unluv x Jeevana’s Alt-Pop EP ‘Khwab’ is a Beautiful Exploration Into the Complex Moods of a Modern Relationship

The new EP “khwab” by Mumbai-based alt-pop artist Jeevana and London-based indie-electronic-pop artist unluv is a dreamy collection of seven alt-lush pop songs that evoke a feeling of nostalgia and longing. The two artists connected on Instagram and, over the last six months, have worked on this project tremendously.

Tackling the difficult and enduring themes of love and relationships, the EP masterfully weaves together a strong narrative arc, taking listeners through the moment of ecstasy at the start of a relationship to the more turbulent and complicated moments of a long-term relationship. “khwab” is the perfect companion for anyone looking for some emotional catharsis and a powerful reminder of the beauty of love. 

The EP consists of seven tracks beginning with the title track ‘khwab.’, creating a serene and pensive landscape. The lyrics are mostly in Hindi and paint an evocative picture of longing and desire. The perfect blend of jeevana’s alt-pop and unluv’s indie-electronic-pop makes for a distinct listening experience. The title track sets us into a quest for an ever-elusive kind of love and creates a melancholic backdrop for further tracks. 

The second track in the album ‘eldenflower’ begins with a vibrant and light electronic sound and builds the mood for some soft and gentle feelings around love. The track talks of the initial days of relationship when it’s all butterflies. From here it transitions to the third track by the title ‘chai?’ which slowly clears the fog of honeymoon phase and the protagonist seemingly feels to be up for a talk with his lover. The protagonist reminisces on their love and the beginnings. The track is accompanied by an effervescent synth line that gives the song an airy and dreamy feel. The pop vibe of the EP is complemented by various real-life elements and follows and unconventional path of production. The artists have dared to experiment with sounds and have created an eclectic mix of hypnotic rhythms and meandering melodies.

‘emotionally turbulent’ seems to be the most important track in the EP and the protagonist is pulled into defining their love. The track consists of pulsating beats and encapsulates the pain and sorrow of the protagonist. With sombre lyrics and minimalist production, the track captures the intensity of the situation and shows how their love is being tested.

The fifth track ‘fitoor’ has a layer of acceptance and surrender towards the love he feels. The track is also a quest into the self as the protagonist poses few important questions. The storytelling in the album hits the right chords and is intertwined with various sonic textures and emotions. The next track is lyrically strong and gives an impression that the internal chaos is finally settling. The lyrics are bilingual, creating a narrative arc that takes listeners through the highs and lows of an evolving relationship. 

The EP concludes with the track ‘sawaal’ and we hear the protagonist reflecting on his stance in the relationship, enveloped in a melancholic yet peaceful ambiance. The artists have brilliantly crafted the tale of love and genius of the track is that the protagonist seems to be in remorse and joy at the same time. Making it relatable to listeners at both end. Altogether, ‘khwab’ is a beautiful exploration of love in all its forms and nuances and is highly recommended to anyone who’s willing to comprehend the struggles of being in a relationship. 

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