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The Unadulterated, Unapologetic and Explosive Band that is “Heathen Beast”

Political unrest and mass protests are synonymous globally. The passage of time has seen the evolution and presentation of different forms of protests that have manifested themselves in order to permeate the oppressive blockades. One such manifestation of protests would be through an art form which has been eloquently put forth by Heathen Beast. This black metal trio saw its inception in Kolkata back in 2010, using the musical mastery at their disposal to expound their innate distrust in the government and their schemes.

Heathen Beast’s sound has always tread the path of the black metal genre which became evident from the sense of brutality in their songs. One wouldn’t be wrong to claim that this band is not like most black metal bands because of their atheistic, politically driven lyrics, dishing out hatred to all religions and religious oppression equally. It doesn’t take long for the listener to realize that one of the primary reasons for the formation of the band was to vehemently oppose the unconstitutional and oppressive schemes and activities of the government which they deliver in a raw and unfiltered manner. The members of the band claim that their songs are not geared to cater to the musical preferences of the masses but only those who share the feelings of anger and distrust in the current political machinery and want to express them through an art form.

The band stormed onto the scene with their EP titled “Ayodhya Burns” in 2010. This 3-track EP instantly turned some heads in the scene owing to their explosive music and raw lyrics. As time progressed, their sound saw a gradual shift from the familiarity of black metal due to the inculcation of Indian instruments in their sound to create something innovative. It’s evident that the band’s musical and lyrical mastery has gradually progressed over the years as they have permeated into the grindcore genre. The band’s predilection to maintain its anonymity is proven by the fact that the trio operates under pseudonyms, each carrying a different meaning and importance that aids the band’s atheistic stance.

Heathen Beast’s latest album release titled “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised But It Will Be Heard” may not showcase much difference from its predecessors in terms of the lyrics and overall feel of the songs, but it does bear testament to the fact that protest through an art form can be this brutal and explosive and yet connect to the masses. This album proves that although the band has changed their musical arrangements and techniques, they haven’t digressed from the stance that they started out with; to educate the masses with the “truth” about the oppression through their music.

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