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Tech Panda & Kenzani Are Creating Magical Electronic Fusion Of Indian Sounds

Fusing two immiscible genres into something novel is a prime example of what artists are capable of when left within a framework of experimentation. Tech Panda and Kenzani, electronica fusion duo based in Delhi, have created their own brand of music that is spreading like wildfire. Placing minimal techno with folk sounds, the duo have created something that is both new to the ears, yet very familiar.

Starting their journey together in 2018, the duo released a string of singles but their music only started picking pace in 2020. With an aim to bring non-mainstream electronica sounds to their audience, the duo have blended Rajasthani folk to Bengali folk into their sound. With a familiar sound to get drawn to, and the touch of new-age electronica to keep them interested, the audience is lapping up the duo’s music. Tracks like ‘Khoyo’, ‘Kenzani’, ‘Sawariya’ and ‘Doya’ introduce the audience to indigenous sounds that are slowly losing steam among the modern populace, while instrumentals like ‘Poetic Love’ and ‘Sadhu’ bring forth the use of traditional Indian instrumentals like the Sarangi and the flute in the modern setting.

With a slow and steady rise in listenership owing to regular releases, the duo is currently on the brink of breaking out into the forefront of the Indian electronic music mainstream but it will take a lot more than the duo’s juxtaposition of Indian sonic elements with minimal techno to do that. With features like that on BBC Asian Networks Bobby Friction’s show under their belt, Tech Panda and Kenzani are slowly moving towards becoming a force to reckon with in the current Electronic music scenario.

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