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Tarini’s Symphony of Serenity Through Debut EP “From These Cracks A Flower Grew”

What makes a potentially unique and heartfelt music relies not only on how well the song is sung, but also on the formation of words that hold the crux of a music. It is almost the same for the Chennai singer songwriter Tarini, who yields a powerful pen, innovative and resolute.

In the realm of independent Indian musicians exploring the intimate strains of acoustic guitar-centered melodies, there emerges an artist, Tarini, who demonstrates a genuine devotion to her craft. What sets her EP apart is the evident care woven into its production—a warmth that resonates, vocals that ring clear as a bell, and drums that carry weight when they enter the fray. There’s a sense of depth and feeling that permeates her work.

Any music enthusiast, listening to her debut EP “From These Cracks A Flower Grew” would end up replaying the tenderness with which Tarini has handled her voice incorporating the acoustic nest, the perfect backdrop for her to shine through the beautiful web of experimentation. The four songs in her EP screams of a recurring theme, hope and the speck of gleam in the dark gloomy sky.

Nonetheless, within Tarini’s music, there’s a delicate balance. The opener, ‘Hello :)’, embodies a classic ballad, rich with bittersweet chords and pop-infused vocals, setting an immaculate vibe. However, while it captivates, it also yearns for that pop climax that never quite materializes. ‘Chose You For You’ follows the standard ballad structure, but it excels in executing all the elements adeptly—an engaging mix, a compelling hook, and luring vocals. 

 Nevertheless, the subsequent track, ‘Like I Do’, elevates the pop factor to its zenith, showcasing Tarini’s knack for crafting songs that resonate with both cheerful and contemplative audiences alike. ‘Winds Of Change’ adheres to a classic rock blueprint, a rare find in a modern landscape, yet succeeds by adhering to simple yet effective ideas. Its singability and playability speak to its competence, making it a standout.

Tarini embodies a quality that aspiring artists should strive for—commitment and unwavering dedication to her craft. Her followers on every social media are privy to that. Her intuitive understanding of when to elevate a song, shift scales, or simply revel in the music’s essence is a rare trait, especially in an era dominated by manufactured hits. This release, one hopes, will serve as a reminder that music can still be crafted and not merely manufactured.

For those yearning to experience her live performances, supporting Tarini by streaming her music on several platforms and spreading the word among friends is a nod to the indie ethos—a way of championing talent beyond the mainstream.

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