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Street Style Hip-Hop Crew 7Bantai’Z Deliver Lyrically Deep and Sonically Strong Debut EP ‘Into The Slum’

7Bantai’Z, a street-style hip-hop group from Mumbai, is back with their highly-anticipated EP, ‘Into The Slum’. The project explores the lived experiences of slum dwellers and the joys and struggles that come with living in the urban margins. The group brings raw and real lyricism with an anthemic delivery, that pulls you right into the middle of the hustle and bustle of urban India. Mumbai is a melting pot of cultures, and the streets reveal much of the city’s unique identity. It is this authenticity that 7Bantai’Z seek to bring to their music.

The six-membered musical ensemble released their debut EP, ‘Into The Slum’ on 13th December 2022 and have already released music videos for five tracks namely ‘Energy’, ‘Whole Squad’, ‘In My Head’, ‘Turn it Up’ and ‘Bambaiya Swad’. The music video for ‘White Collar’ will be released in 2023. 

David Klyton aka Mr Scam, Nitesh Patel aka MC Notez, Adiya Vhatkar aka Crackpot, Yogesh Kurme aka Yoku BIG, Siddesh Jammi aka Sid J and Nishant Mohite aka Bonz n Ribz contribute to the project with their individual stories. The group’s sound is a perfect blend of traditional Indian hip-hop beats and electronica accompanied by hard-hitting lyrics. At only 22 years of age, the members of 7Bantai’Z have already uncorked a wealth of talent. They have been featured in acclaimed movies like ‘Kaala’, ‘Gully Boy’, ‘Zoo’, Netflix’s ‘Chopsticks’ and ‘The Umbrella Academy’. 

Talking of their EP, it starts with the track ‘Energy’ which consists of a catchy hook with the perfect balance of 808s trap-style beats and lyrically-driven vocals. Through this song, the squad intends to express how unique and deliberate their experience has been growing up and why they stand out in the rap scene. DJ producer DRJ Sohail has collaborated on five songs in the EP including ‘Energy’. The track also talks about how wonderful hardships can be if everyone works communally towards a certain goal and this was something they learned from their experience in Dharavi. 

Their next song ‘Whole Squad’ is a multi-lingual rap anthem that unites different lifestyles and cultures into one. The boys’ street tales are visualized through this melodic banger that allows us to detect the raw expressions of being a part of the 7Bantai’Z gang. Through this track, the gang shows a strong sense of integrity and respect towards their art and each other. This sets the vibe for their next song ‘White Collar’ which magnifies the squad’s daily struggles. The song is quite rebellious in its attempt and drops a hint at how the system of the city neglects the problems of this part of town. The lyrics are genuine as well as enlightening on varied topics of money, power, crime, and greed. The listener is pulled into broadening their views on delicate concerns of society. The track especially consists of hard-hitting lyrics and everything changes for the listener here on. 

The fourth song of the EP ‘In My Head’ screams for power and confidence, just as the title suggests. Through this song, the boys rap about their individual battles and the essence of music in it. The song has a sing-rap style of delivery, amalgamating both rap and melody. This allows the track to be memorable with its inventive verses and a chorus that makes it an undeniable hit. 

The amazing flow and delivery of these boys are on another level and this can be seen in their fifth song from the EP by title ‘Turn It Up’. The rush and rigor of the EP mellows to a soulful vibe with this track. The tunes of this track will make you want to unwind and relax while breathing through the gang’s influential music. 

The EP closes off with an absolute banger ‘Bambaiya Swad’ that comforts the listener with its Mumbaikar’ specific sounds and lingo. The anthemic song will have you stomping your feet in no time. The music video for this song was released on 13th December and concludes the six-track EP on promising notes. The EP allows the listener to experience and understand the city and its people through the lens of the 7Bantai’Z squad and their community. The project is a gem of the Mumbai rap scene, setting a new narrative to break down age-old stigmas surrounding hip-hop and lower-income neighborhoods.

The 7Bantai’Z EP ‘Into The Slum’ offers an insightful and comprehensive look into the rappers’ lives and certainly raises awareness on myriad issues. There would be no other way to express their tribulations if not for their art. Their music is a true reflection of their lives and enters the hip-hop industry as a cultural revolution and definitely an EP that should not be missed out. 

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