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Singles Roundup #61: Pop, Rap, Acoustic and more

Fourth roundup of the year is here with 15 of the most talented up and coming independent artists from India who are taking the music industry by storm. These artists need you as much as you need them. Find songs that speak to you, and enjoy the music!

1. Green Goddess- Raoul Kerr

Bloodywood frontman Raoul Kerr releases his latest single ‘Green Goddess’ or ‘The Vegan Song’. The song speaks of the recent events that have made us feel the effects of climate change, and the alarming need to protect our environment. The track is an enthusiastic call to embrace the benefits of plant-based eating and Raoul delivers this message in his swift rap style and the spirit of being a green warrior. 

2. Karshni- Josephine On The Floor

Karshni’s latest single ‘Josephine on the Floor’ is a beautiful reflection on the power of self-discovery. The single starts with a light and whimsical melody, quickly rising in its intensity as Karshni’s vocals enter. The song slowly builds to an impressive climax, with lush layers of sound that combine to create a feeling of acceptance and understanding.

3. Whoa there Nelly- T.ill Apes

Till Apes have just released their first single of the year, ‘Whoa There Nelly’, a song that captures the aggression and intensity we feel when someone crosses the boundaries we create for ourselves. The song features a stunning arrangement of analogue bass synths and keys, as well as blazing guitar and sax lines. The lyrics were penned by Hanumankind and the song makes a perfect fit for workout sessions.

4. Roses – Kalpana

Hyderabad-based singer/songwriter Kalpana releases her latest single ‘Roses’. track is the perfect combination of spirituality and reverence for nature. Written and recorded at the Heartfulness World Headquarters in Kanha Shanti Vanam, Telangana, Roses is a total contrast to Kalpana’s debut single, ‘Helpline.’ The track is an emotive acoustic production, with ambient elements, sampling, and sound design.

5. Raat- Rono

Mumbai-based singer/songwriter and videographer Ronit Sarkar aka Rono released his latest hindi single ‘Raat’. This romantic song is a heartfelt ode to those special moments that you share with the one you love, when nothing else matters. Rono’s vocal performance resonates with the pleasant quietness of night and the guitar melodies complement it perfectly. 

6. Tanha- Srijit Bhowmick

Mumbai-based indie artist Srijit Bhowmick releases his latest single ‘Tanha’ – a hypnotic journey of love, longing, and anticipation. Combining his unique and heartfelt Indian indie sound with chill jazzy instrumentation and soulful vocals, Bhowmick crafts a captivating ode to love and romance.


7. Bhairav – Yaksha (Live with David & Mehran)

Mumbia-based duo Aditya Mohanan and Ishaan Zaveri who go by the stage name ‘Bhairav’ release their second single ‘Yaksha’. The track is intricate and has a lofty arrangement which explores into the improvisational instrumental music in an modern Indic context. The track is centred on raga Bhairav and brings it to life in all its essential form. 

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8. Ecstasy- Tarang Joseph

Bangalore-based pianist/composer Tarang Joseph releases ‘Ecstasy’ a new Alternative R&b track with Frizzell D’souza.The song opens with shimmering guitars and keys creating a dreamy atmosphere, the perfect setting for the story of love that is to come. The punchy drum beat serves as a heartbeat for the song and drives the rhythm of the narrative making it an immersive listening experience.

9. SE7EN DAYS- Micah

Hip-hop/R&B artist Micah Bedford releases his latest single ‘SE7EN DAYS’. Micah shines in this track, with his signature smooth vocals paired with meaningful lyrics that were drawn from his own life experiences. The dreamy trap-infused track is a beautiful blend of R&B and Hip-Hop and definitely has something to offer for everyoneThe production of the track was handled by Rae Stones, who expertly captures the laid-back mood of the lyrics.

10. Bags- Smoke, Qaab

New-Delhi-based hip-hop artists Qaab and Smoke release their new single titled ‘Bags’ which serves the second single from their upcoming collaborative album, ‘Baggage Claim’. This new track perfectly blends urban Indian and western melodic trap and is written in Hindi. The song focuses on the money-making aspect of music and the artists claim this to be their best song ever. 


Assam-based musician Shreya Baruah collaborates with the Delhi-based producer GrooVee for their recent song ‘SEEKH-E’. The track consists of captivating vocal melodies, a mysterious and ethereal atmosphere, and a driving beat. The lyrics explore the idea of overcoming struggles and creating a better tomorrow, which is incredibly inspiring.

12. Tu Mera Ghar- DAKU

Mumbai-based pop artist Darshan Kataria aka DAKU releases his second official song with Sony Music India by the title ‘Tu Mera Ghar’. The song is an uplifting and inspiring ode to the selfless love of a parent. The lyrics are tender and powerful, and the accompanying animated video is just as beautiful, perfectly capturing the feeling of homecoming and a bond that can never be broken. 

13. Mere Paas- Mayank Thakur

Singer/songwriter and painter from Indore, Mayank Thakur releases his latest heartfelt single ‘Mere Pass’. The song tells the story of two distant lovers and how they still find ways to connect even though they are apart. With simple yet effective lyrics and mellow music, the song is a perfect accompaniment and a gentle reminder of the power of love that is ever-present even when the partner is physically not present.

14. Jal Jaane Do – Moosa Saleem

Mumbai-based artist Moosa Saleem releases his latest single ‘Jal Jaane Do’ in collaboration with Shayan. The song is intense and makes the listener feel a deep sense of sadness, knowing that no matter how much you want something the universe has planned something different. The melody is sweet and melancholic, while the instrumentals and production bring a somber yet powerful atmosphere.

15. Summer – Dhruv Kapoor, Zoe Siddharth

Gurgaon-based singer Dhruv Kapoor releases his latest single ‘Summer’ in collaboration with Zoe Siddharth. The song reflects on the changing of the seasons and how we choose to view ourselves in tandem with these changes. The song consists of soft vocals and a piano melody that allows us to take comfort in not knowing the answer to the question posed. 

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