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Singles Roundup #59: Pop, Hip-hop, Rap and more

This month’s edition of Singles Roundup is sure to get you dancing with a selection of new and exciting tracks from pan India. From irresistible pop anthems to alternative rock, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

1. Herbs- The Revisit Project

Delhi-based Jazz/Funk Fusion band ‘The Revisit Project’ release their latest single titled ‘Herbs’. The track is a vibrant and groovy tune that pays tribute to Herbie Hancock and the funk-jazz music that he pioneered. The Revisit Project have done a great job of creating a song that will make you tap your foot and give you a chance to reminisce about the genre.

2. Song for Eric- The Six String Affair

Vadodara-based independent musician Parth Pandya releases his latest single by the title ‘Song for Eric’ from his solo project ‘The Six String Affair’. The song pays homage to the guitarist Eric Johnson and is performed by the power trio Dipesh Pandit, Akash Vyas and Parth himself. The eight-minute-long instrumental consists of blazing riffs and solos that drive the song forward with vigour.

3. PUFF HIGH.- Drotolix

Mumbai-based rapper/singer Soham who goes by the stage name ‘Drotolix’ releases his latest single ‘PUFF HIGH’. The track consists of dynamic sounds and catchy lyrics. The rapper showcases a sense of swagger and confidence in this song. The track also has elements of trap and EDM which add a unique touch to the overall sound.

4. Weatherman- Perp, Tiana Tara, Varun Agnihotri

Mumbai-based artist Tiana Tara collaborates with singer/songwriter Perp and guitarist Varun Agnihotro for her latest single ‘Weatherman’. The song is about a girl who’s inexhaustibly pulled towards a guy. The song has seen some excellent videography and the chorus is catchy and will linger in your mind long after the track ends.

5. MTM – Verse-Atiles, Prod By. Shreyas & Devoniàn

Pune-based rap/hip-hop duo ‘The Verse-Atiles’ release their latest single ‘MTM’. The production found in this hit is unique, meshing together old-school chops and drums that evoke a classic rap style. The track’s visuals also inspired from the nostalgic MDH ads that use to air on TV. It’s clear that the single is meant to mimic the ‘balance of life’ that we strive for daily and the confidence that comes with it. 

6. Watermelon- Cherry & Cream

Cherry & Cream is an innovative guitar duo project created by Raag Sethi and Dwit Hathi. With their creative and impressive sound, Cherry & Cream have released their latest single by the title ‘Watermelon’ which is a 7-minute long acoustic jazz track. The track was produced, mixed and mastered by Raag Sethi himself. The track swiftly takes us through the elements of jazz music and is enjoyable to listen to.  

7. Enlightened!- Rounak Maiti

Enlightened by Rounak Maiti is a stunning piece of music that taps into themes of identity, memory and selfhood. The song is full of nostalgia, its gentle instrumentation weaving together with the soft, emotive vocals to create a beautiful, moving atmosphere. The lyrics are poetic yet intimate, thoughtfully exploring the complexities of memory and the longing to understand the past.

8. Faasle – Khevna, ArrNik, Tripped N Sat

Tripped N Sat’s new single “faasle” is a heartfelt and emotional journey, exploring the pain and discomforts of a long-distance relationship. The delicate production and ethereal vocals of Khevna and ArrNik bring the touching lyrics to life. The single captures the feeling of longing for a relationship when you’re apart, and is a beautiful ode to all the incomplete stories. 

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9. Bithorai- Dwi, Jimmy Daimari

Independent artist Jimmy Daimari who goes by the stage name ‘Dwi’ releases his fifth single by the title ‘Bithorai’. The track is crafted from only guitar riffs and is a captivating piece of music. There are moments of heavy rhythm and Jimmy has displayed exceptional guitar-playing skills in the track. 

10. 24 – Sparsh Dangwal

Chandigarh-based singer/songwriter Sparsh Dangwal releases his latest single ‘24’. Sparsh’s new single ‘24’ is a hauntingly honest, upbeat anthem for the coming of age. With its modern hip-hop and indie-pop fusion, the song’s production is mature and sophisticated, making it a timeless and relevant single. 

11. Time Of Our Lives- Tarra

Time of Our Lives by Tarra is an infectious and inspiring track that encapsulates the joy of leaving it all behind for a weekend away. From its uplifting guitar hooks to its thought-provoking lyrics, the song is perfect for taking a break from the everyday hustle and bustle. Tarra’s youthful energy shines through the song as her passionate vocals carry the upbeat and cheerful beat. 

12. 5-7 Kudiyan- Vibhuti Joshi

Chandigarh-based independent artist Vibhuti Joshi releases her latest single ‘5-7 Kudiyan’. The song combines vibrant Latin beats with Indian instruments and the unique touch of a Brazilian Flamenco guitarist. The song consists of upbeat Punjabi lyrics and the tune is catchy in its essence. 

13. Samaaj – Sabby x Vedang

Saurab a.k.a Sabby has released an evocative and thought-provoking hip-hop track called “SAMAAJ”. Through this track, he confronts the social pressures and expectations that burden us daily and highlights the importance of hope in overcoming them. The track opens with an introspective verse that speaks to the struggles that we all go through, and how society can often leave us feeling trapped.

14. Just Want You- Aneesha

Goa-based artist Aneesha’s new single ‘Just Want You’ is a sultry, infectious track that takes listeners through the passionate emotions experienced by young people in today’s world. Her soulful and sensual vocals, alongside the percussive and melodic elements, create an irresistible beat that evokes tremors inside the listener.


15. Tripped on a Stone- Vandita Narayan (feat. Radon)

Bengaluru-based independent artist Vandita Narayan’s latest single, “Tripped on a Stone,” is an upbeat, Indie Pop song that is sure to bring joy and warmth to your ears. With its light-heartedness and soothing vocal cadences, the track encompasses the emotions that come with the confusion and anticipation of someone special. 

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