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Singles Roundup #57: Rap, Prog Rock, Hip Hop and more

This month’s singles roundup features some of the hottest singles from around the nation. From pop to electronic and hip-hop, there is something for everyone. Check out the best new music from artists like Peekay, Bharg, tricksingh and more!

1. Ashes- Mali

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Maalavika Manoj aka Mali releases her latest single ‘Ashes’ which was written in the aftermath of a breakup. The song was produced and mixed by Aria Nahji. The song captures Mali’s melancholic vocals and her pop sensibilities as she sings about her pain with acoustic sounds and a captivating melody that connects with the theme of Love and separation. 

2. Raaste- Darcy & AAKASH

New Delhi-based hip-hop artist Darcy releases his latest single ‘Raaste’ in collaboration with AAKASH. The song is about the becoming of an artist and embracing life’s hurdles as motivation. The song features some hard-hitting rap coupled with a groovy beat and various lyrics reflecting on societal pressure and personal issues. This hip-hop collaboration is a must for every fan of this genre.

3. Darta Hu Main – Bharg

Delhi-based singer/songwriter Bharg releases his solo debut single ‘Darta Hu Main’ in which he talks about that moment when you are scared to confess your love to someone just because you would lose them as a friend. The song for its simplicity is calming to listen to and the music surrounds the listener with hope. Bharg has outperformed himself in this solo track and his music is relatable.

4. Maiti Nai – Adi (ft. Alf4zi)

Mumbai-bred hip-hop artist Adi releases his latest single ‘Maiti Nai’ featuring Alf4zi. The song consists of lyrics written in English, Hindi and Marathi. With a powerful rap and pulsating beat, the song is bound to get the nod from hip-hop fans in Mumbai. The song is fun to listen to and encaptures the Mumbai-rap scene by creating a word play in three different languages. 

5. Hide & Seek- M.A.R.S

New-Delhi-based alternative rock/pop band M.A.R.S (Men Are Rarely Sober) release their latest single ‘Hide & Seek’. The song is about the nature of modern day toxic relationships reimagined as the nostalgic childhood game Hide & Seek. The band has packed this song with a variety of sounds ranging from a melodic guitar riff to a jazzy Saxophone. The single is an ideal soundtrack for a young heart looking for solace in this enthralling world.

6. Theherjaa- Raveena Paul

Himachal Pradesh-based singer and composer Raveena Paul releases her new single ‘Theherjaa’ which is a song for the emptiness that follows a separation. The song is also Raveena’s first independent single and was Mixed and Mastered by Nikita Bharani. Theherjaa reflects on the complexities of our relationships with ourselves, with the ones we love, and with time. 

7. Cigarettes- Kenneth Soares

Mumai-based singer/songwriter Kenneth Soares releases his latest track ‘Cigarettes’ from his upcoming EP ‘Is Smoking Cool Again’. The song is about that bleak phase when college life ends and career begins. Through this indie-rock song, Kenneth hopes that listeners take away a moment of self-reflection and introspection, and dare more than they ever have before.

8. Song Of Her- Barun Sinha

US-based music producer and multi-instrumentalist Barun Sinha releases his fifth single ‘Song Of Her’. The song was written, composed and produced by Barun himself, and was Mixed and Mastered by Kaushik Manikandan. The track is full of feeling and emotion, featuring dreamy instrumentation and Barun’s soulful voice. The song progresses with an accordion accompaniment to create a unique experience that stays with the listener. 

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9. Squeaky Clean – Peekay

Hyderabad-based artist Peekay releases her sixth single by the title ‘Squeaky Clean’. The R&B Soul/Pop song is about the artist’s childhood home in Banjara Hills. The song was produced by Jonathan Edward and Mixed and Mastered by Drona Acharya. This song seeps through the hearts of listeners creating a wave of nostalgia, and allowing the charm of remembering something from the past to take over.


10. Aaina- Mohak

Mumbai-based rapper Mohak owing to the birthday ritual drops his latest single ‘Aaina’. The song is a celebration of family and friends who are close to us. The song was produced by Prithvi Shetty and consists of lyrics that are poetic in nature. The song is a gritty and heartfelt ode, with the music meant to remind us of all the beautiful little memories of the people around us who have made us who we are today. 

11. Existential Misery- Adarsh Arjun 

Kerala-based independent solo artist Adarsh Arjun releases his latest single ‘Existential Misery’ from his upcoming EP ‘Aches and Echoes’. The progressive rock song is purely instrumental and was mixed by Adarsh himself and mastered by Akhil Mindfield Studios. The song starts off with a mellow guitar solo and builds up, with the help of drums and an astounding riff. The song is emotionally charged and Adarsh exhibits his phenomenal guitar skills throughout the music video.  

12. tricksingh flow- tricksingh

23-year-old bilingual English/Punjabi hip-hop artist, instrumentalist and DJ Tirath Sandhu aka tricksingh releases his third single ‘tricksingh flow’. Tirath has given an effortless flow with a striking combination of desi hip-hop beats and rap mixed with Hindi and English lyrics. The rapper gives a musically-rich sound to the track, with catchy verses and a stunning hook. 

13. hopeless romantic – Rolland 

Bangalore-based indie pop artist Rolland releases his latest single ‘hopeless romantic’. The track is a beautiful melodic take on innocent teenage love and coming to terms with being a hopeless romantic. The song was recorded in a week and consists of electronic hooks along with Rolland’s honeyed vocals. The single brings out the young romantic in all of us and Rolland has proven himself to be an emerging pop artist. 

14. Submissive- Beyond Charlie

Pune-based Techno artist Ashok Pai aka ‘Beyond Charlie’ releases his latest single ‘Submissive’ with Encore Recordings. The six-minute-long track has a groovy beat with unique sounds that compliment with the vocals. The track is hypnotic in nature and resonates with the title of the song in a mysterious sense which marks Beyond Charlie’s dynamic music production.

15. Khamoshi- Kõlama

New Delhi-based six piece fusion band Kõlama release their second single ‘Khamoshi’ written in Hindi, English and Malayalam. The song uses Chenda-Elathaalam- a percussive South Indian instrument with incendiary guitars and powerful vocals. The fusion track is treat to the ears and the listening experience is elevating and unique.

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