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Singles Roundup #51: Indie pop, Rock, Folk and More

It’s the time of the month again and we are back with another list of artists taking the independent music scene ahead. We get to listen to acoustic rock, funk, fusion, electronic pop and innovative artists across India creating top-notch music. Read more about them below.

1. Khud Ko Behaal- Saksham Daksh

Saksham Daksh is a collaborative duo who first came together for a Bollywood-pop fusion project. The two find each other’s music accommodating in creating soulful fusions. In their recent song ‘Khud Ko Behaal’ written by Shivkumar Bilgrami Ji, they attempt to break the societal norms that hold back people from feeling accepted. With impeccable songwriting and composing, this song resonates with the fact that each of us, however, subdued by society are only waiting to be discovered. 

2. Ye Jhootha Samaa- Antariksh 

Varun Rajput’s project Antariksh, winner of TIMD Awards 2022 Best Rock/Metal Artist of The Year, is known for its authentic blend of Rock/Pop styles with contemporary Hindi music. Their recent release ‘Ye Jhootha Samaa’ features Shruti Dhasmana delivering power-packed vocals and Abhay Sharma playing a Saxophone solo. The groovy track consists of a rock ensemble tinged with blues to keep the energy high and floating.

3. Delhi Birds- Zed Bias and Stain

New Delhi-based artist Stain collabs with Zed Bias a Mancunian dance music artist to create sounds of Delhi as heard on Haunting pads, drums, tablas and bass. The track was produced in the fleeting hours between Zed’s music tour to India and it can be said the artists knew what they were doing. ‘Delhi Birds’ finds its inspiration from all the many sounds of birds he heard when Zed arrived in the capital city. The iconic dance track comes with minimalistic tunes that represent India for its urban sounds, thereby instilling a new wave of listening to the audience.

4. Gagan Dhuan Dhuan- B Prasanna

Gagan Dhuan Dhuan is an ode to the impressionist era by B Prasanna in collaboration with the classical legend Bombay Jayashri. The song represents the quaint stillness of sitting by a window and sinking into nostalgia, reminiscing the world around by being one with nature. The song was mixed and mastered by B Prasanna himself and was filmed in the hills of Ooty. The lyrics to this magnificent track were written by Preetika Dixit and the music encaptures sounds of nature in unison with Bombay Jayashri’s distilled voice. 

5. Bhram- Utkarsh Dhami feat Utkarsh Parmar & Karthik Beatzzz

Released on 17th June, ‘Bhram’ is a fearless track by Utkarsh Dhami featuring Utkarsh Parmar and Karthik Beatzzz. ‘Bhram’ is an outcry of the soul which finds expression in honest songwriting followed by a rap verse. The three-minute-long song talks about the protagonist’s unrequited love and his inner wailings in the aftermath. 

6. kyun hota hai?- Tanmaya Bhatnagar

Delhi-based self-taught singer and graphic designer Tanmaya Bhatnagar explores the strange feeling of meeting someone when least expected when finally one has grown accustomed to their own company. ‘Kyun hota hai?’ questions the remarkable tendencies of our hearts to be able to fall in love regardless of our previous heartbreaks and to welcome new beginnings with the same excitement. 

7. Tense- Yohaan

Mumbai-based independent jazz artist Yohaan in collaboration with Tarun Balani released ‘Tense’ on the 10th of July. Yohaan was a part of the winning band Calico and masters in renditions that include RnB, Funk and Jazz music. The track has stayed with him for three years and has been carefully worked to bring out the subconscious response to life. The arrangement of this song is magnificent and the track gives the listeners a trance-like experience as it concludes.

8. Hold On To Me- Ruhee Ahamad

Bangalore-based singer-songwriter Ruhee Ahamad releases her second single ‘Hold On To Me’ which is also a part of her upcoming debut EP named ‘Things I Have To Say’. Her vocal range covers myriad genres including Jazz, RnB, Pop, Western Classical and Regional melodies. ‘Hold On To Me’ is a track about the rushing need to meet our future which steals the present moments from us. The melodies gently crawl over the theme of ‘now’, the only enjoyable thing we have got regardless of our worries.

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9. Never Before- Allan Martyr

Gurgaon-based singer-songwriter Allan Martyr released his debut single ‘Never Before’ on June 15th 2022. Allan Martyr masters the guitar and his track is a song of promise and love. The music with its fresh tunes and charming lyrics encompass a delicate feeling of being loved. The song touches the heart and suits for a rainy evening with a time dedicated for your love. 

10. Crimson Skies- The Earflower Experiment

‘Crimson Skies’ is a debut single by the 16 year old artist Aidah Asrar in collaboration with The Earflower Experient. The mellow song with rich vocals depict a tale of two complete strangers going through the troubled waters of life and feeling alone in their struggles. The two have one thing in common which is Sunsets and the song is about this ethereal serenity where we can connect with the other and talk to one another. 

11. Sach kehne do- Sagar Verma

Delhi-based singer-songwriter Sagar Verma launches his debut album ‘Khud Se Mohabbat’ with the new single ‘Sach kehne do’. Being an activist in the LGBTQ+ community Sagar Verma recounts the ideas of self-love and freedom of expression in the 12 track album. The track has a melodic rock vibe along with Sagar’s soulful vocals. The song sticks to the central idea which is of ‘to be yourself’ and is an inspiration for all. 

12. Flora’s Song- Gatha

Dehradun-based singer-songwriter Gatha Akashkamini releases her debut single by the name ‘Flora’s Song’ which features Anirudh Verma on Keys and Shrikant Biswakarma on Guitars. The song is about Wednesday afternoon blues when we are swept away with feelings of hopelessness and confusion. Throughout the song we get to hear Gatha’s euphonic vocals and rhythmic humming with a beautiful arrangement of guitar and keys. 

13. Fight On- Winston Balman

Country rock singer-songwriter Winston Balman narrates the end of an abusive relationship in the new track named ‘Fight On’. The song was mixed and mastered by Archit Agarwal and the track retains an energetic yet sombre feeling associated with the falling out of the previous relationship. ‘Fight On’ talks of disappointment from the past and the hope for future with Winston’s mastery in the acoustics. 

14. Lauta Do Na- Arham Fulfagar

Guwahati-based singer-songwriter Arham Fulfagar, in his latest single reminisces over the happier times that have gone by. Arham wrote ‘Lauta Do Na’ during the first lockdown about wanting to go back and relive the carefree moments. The debut hindi single has an indie rock vibe and finds expression through Arham’s melodic voice and the acoustic arrangement. 

15. To The Bank- Alo Wala

Punjabi-American vocalist and MC, Alo Wala is back with a new release ‘To The Bank’ which is an innovative electronic protest music. ‘To The Bank’ talks about how everything is agendas and innuendos in the consumer society. The track has a funky groove with Alo Wala’s catchy pop vocals. The track was released under the record label Azadi records who are promoting artists from the South Asian Music Industry engaged in addressing the societal issues through their songs.

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