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Singles Roundup #16: Diversify Your Playlist With These Latest Tracks

This year has been brutal to everyone in the music industry. One thing which kept us all going these past few months, or in fact through this entire year has been music. Despite the fact that the music industry was probably one of the first to shut down, and still not be able to reopen completely, Indian musicians have taken this time to let their creative juices flowing. Every day we see a plethora of new songs being released and we at the Indian Music Diaries are creating our monthly compilation of the latest releases in the music scene.

1. Letters To Myself by Nush Lewis and Kamakshi Khanna

Mumbai-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer-songwriter Nush Lewis in collaboration with Delhi-based singer-songwriter Kamakshi Khanna released a new single Letters to Myself. Minimal composition, heartfelt lyrics and vocals by both, Khanna and Lewis made this a tender and vulnerable track. Accepting and embracing ourselves is the hardest to do and this song is a conversation between the heart and soul to be more compassionate, kind and accepting with and of each other.

2. Through The Years by Semwal and Sparsh Dangwal

Singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Shubham Semwal who goes by Semwal collaborated with his brother Sparsh Dangwal who is a Mumbai-based singer-songwriter and released his debut single Through the Years. This track is a part of his upcoming EP Elephant in the Room. The song revolves around different perspectives towards relationships, love, life and in general while stressing on a very simple human quality of perseverance.

3. September Embers by Anoushka Maskey

Singer-songwriter from Sikkim, Anoushka Maskey released her latest single September Embers. Inspired by her mother, Maskey wrote this song for people who have a habit of constantly giving, despite it being at the cost of their own well-being. The title September Embers refers to the fire in Maksey’s heart that would light up towards the end of each year. Maskey’s melancholic vocals and intimate lyrics do a perfect job in conveying the messag intended.

4. Khali Khali by Sejal Kumar

Sejal Kumar, a digital entertainer and artist released her second single Khali Khali. She has been an ambassador of speaking about issues such as sex, women, hygiene, mental health, equality and has also been a part of UNICEF’s initiative for convention rights of the child. Khali Khali, her latest light hearted track is a personal experience where Kumar talks about being ‘khali khali’ with a special person, with whom doing absolutely nothing feels wholesome.

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5. Be Easy by Chirag Todi ft. Yohan Marshall

Ahmedabad-based guitarist, composer and songwriter Chirag Todi collaborated with Yohan Marshall who goes by the monikerYodaDrunk to release his second single Be Easy for his upcoming EP Panodrama. This funky track with catchy synths and sax, along with a groovy bassline and drums is definitely a treat to the listeners. This track is a tribute to all those is Todi’s life who have reminded him to Be Easy whenever he has been in a deep mess and have been there for him even in the hardest times.

6. Youth by OAFF ft. Landslands

Kabir Kathpalia who goes by the alias OAFF is a music producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who collaborated with singer-songwriter and film composer Sohrab Nicholson, who goes by the moniker Landslands, to release their latest single Youth. This track reaches into the past to access dormant emotions: feelings of joy and heartbreak that belonged to a different time. Kathpalia’s feel-good electronic pop and minimal production, with Nicholson’s lyrics and vocals make it a perfect bittersweet track, which seemed to be the intention.

7. Rains Of July by Illegal Project

Kolkata-based singer-songwriter duo Illegal Project released their debut single Rains of July which is also part of album Lost Weekend. This six-minute-long experimental track has soothing synths and pop tunes, almost making the listener go on a journey in the duration of the song. This song is about the duo falling out of love with the monsoon rains this year because nothing made them happy anymore and the only thing the rain brought them was the feeling of being lost.

8. Voices by Joshua Singh

Mumbai-based songwriter, music producer and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Singh collaborated with a bunch of artists such as Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Nikitaa, Aditiya Singh a painter, Rajeev Prasanna a flautist and rapper Illa Straight to release this latest single Voices. Voices is the first side of the EP, People being the second. Both combined are a play on the perspectives amidst a ceaseless city life of Bombay. This track is about the million perspectives that crowd an artist’s mind speaks of how self-love is the key.

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9. Keep it One 100 by David.R.Blessed

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter David.R.Blessed released his latest single Keep it One 100. The song has a laid-back pop vibe with a catchy hook and guitar. This track is about chasing your dreams and how in the pursuit, one is left with very little personal time to spend with loved ones and do things one normally does.

10. Jee Le Aaj by Sez on the Beat x Bharg

Delhi-based hip-hop music producer Sez on the Beat collaborated with Bharg Kalle, a Delhi-based singer-songwriter and producer to release the latest single Jee Le Aaj. This hip-hop track aims to be a party track with pop elements and fun, energetic vibes. This song is the celebration of the fun human spirit and letting yourself loose after the year we’ve had. At a time when people are missing the energy of meeting new people and partying, this song embodies the fun party spirit in the listener.

11. Thoppai Vibes by Jatayu

Chennai-based 4-piece jazz-rock band Jatayu released their latest single Thoppai Vibes. This groovy jazz track also features Akshay Ganesh on the violin and the band has also incorporated classical elements in the track too. With being stuck inside due to the pandemic, the band reminisced the good times they faced as a band, touring, performing, the excitement of releasing a new EP, the rush of live shows, to being content after a great gig. This track captures the bands’ headspace at that time and reminds that no matter what situation one is, the vibe is theirs to make.   

12. Raat by Soum

Souma Mukherjee who goes by the alias Soum is an Asansol, West Bengal-based music composer and singer who released his latest single Raat. While exploring clinical music therapy, Mukherjee noticed the change in the sleeping cycle of people around him and released how many suffer from sleepless nights and he wanted to capture the special feeling of the night. The track also features a soulful flute arrangement by Vibhor Mathur. Mukherjee also plans to use the streaming money for EduKits, a personal mission to provide stationery to underprivileged students in Bengal, Odhisa, Bihar, etc.

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13. Sick Of This by Palak Mohan

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Palak Mohan released her debut single Sick of This. The song discusses the society’s deeper issues of child assaults and portrays the sickening feeling we, as humans feel when we hear anything of that matter. Mohan’s poignant lyrics and powerful vocals do the perfect job of conveying this message.

14. Ghost In My Closet by Manan Mehta

Jaipur-based singer-songwriter and pianist Manan Mehta released his debut single Ghost in My Closet. The song talks about Mehta’s anxieties where he draws up metaphors between the ghost and his body and the closet to be his headspace. The calming keys, along with Mehta’s melancholic vocals and vulnerable lyrics almost make the listener reflect the meaning of this song on themselves.

15. Blackout by Iris 13

Ranchi-based metal band Iris 13 released their debut single Blackout. This track is also going to be a part of their upcoming album Transmute. This song speaks about the mental health and the state of mind a person is when there are a lot of things happening in one’s mind before they pass out from stress and chaos.

With the future of live music still bleak, musicians can definitely use all your support. Stream their music, encourage them, give feedback, support them in any way possible. Afterall, music is what has helped in getting us through this year full of uncertainties.

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