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Simple Yet Moving : Vaibhav Naik’s heartfelt debut single

Vaibhav Naik is a singer-songwriter hailing from Lucknow. A journalist by profession, Vaibhav took a break from his job to focus solely on his music and put out his original works. Karvan, the first song that Vaibhav has released is an acoustic recording at Kintsugi Studios, Delhi which portrays an account of the journey that life is.

“I had a bunch of songs I decided to complete. After my job as a journalist I wanted to take some time off and finish them considering one song at a time.”

Featuring only his voice and a guitar, the song is a simple yet moving piece of music. The simplicity of the song is such that the absence of other instruments or even the mere need of any isn’t felt. With a deep and melodious voice, Vaibhav does justice to the soul of the song, sucking the listener in with each heartfelt word he sings.

“My inspirations are ideas around me. It’s in those plain moments and simple memories. It’s about the struggle and confusion that embodies each individual. It’s how we live.”

Naik has successfully penned down lyrics which despite of being simple are powerfully poetic and meaningful. So delicately he talks about the harsh truths of life and the fact that life goes on inspite of everything, that even something as complicated as life seems easy. The song also has an undertone of heartache and forlorn, of a person who is in the hopes of finding an unrequited love. Paired along with effortless singing and songwriting the song gives off a sense of calm and comfort. As soon as he starts to sing, Vaibhav’s voice fills the room with an intimacy. Along with all this, the fact that he has allowed himself to be as vulnerable as he has been in the lyrics he’s written only adds more charm and originality to his music.

“I initially thought of naming it Aina ( Mirror) , because it’s a word I use in the first verse. The word also defines an underlying feature in the song that is, it all depends on perspective. Whether you take love as a challenge or as a journey. It’s essentially the gap between being rigid about a feeling or letting it flow. Majority of us tend to look in the mirror to find what’s wrong with us or what we can change. Which I feel is utterly wrong provided that’s not the primary use of it. It’s just there, consider it just like any other object and don’t spend too much time pondering over one feeling, person or place.” says Vaibhav.

For his first release, Karvan is an exceptionally beautiful song that doesn’t fail to find a way into the heart of the listner right from the first listen. He says the lyrics are open to be interpreted by people and can hold different meanings for different people. It is up to his audience to choose which phase of their life they want to define through this song.

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