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Release Spotlight #85 – Melodic RnB, alt- indie, synth-pop, & more!

Our monthly spotlight on our favourite releases of the month is here! From summery indie tracks to beat the monsoon blues to tracks that explore the jittery feelings of a new crush, we bring to you the artists from all over the country. Sit back and enjoy this specially curated playlist!

1.Right Next to Me – Ri Alia

Delhi-based singer/songwriter Ri Alia’s ‘Right Next to Me’ is a dynamic anthem embodying the dual nature of modern femininity. The song’s layered bridge reveals vulnerability, while the vibrant, sassy chorus reinforces a message of confidence and independence. A celebration of embracing both tender and fierce aspects of womanhood and is rich in synth-heavy, electro-pop elements that create an uplifting and vibrant soundscape.

2. Bappi Lahiri – PATAKA BOYS, M.O.N.G.O, PAV4N, Sonnyjim, Kartik

Prominent figures of the underground UK rap scene, PAV4N and Sonnyjim joined Indian producer Kartik to form PATAKA BOYS. Their latest single ‘Bappi Lahiri’ takes the title from the gold-laden disco don and composer. With Kartik’s sample-heavy production on the track doffs its hat to golden era instrumentals from the US while simultaneously incorporating traditional folk sounds and dialogues from movies like East is East, symbolic of the collaborator’s ancestry.

3. Ummeedein – Heeya Tikku

Mumbai-based artist Heeya Tikku’s ‘Ummeedein’ was written by the artist at a time when life felt monotonous. Although the artist felt lost and crushed, she somehow kept revisiting old promises she made to herself and rekindling hopes which got through the waves of life.

4. Dil Ki Sun – SidB, Raghav Meattle

Mumbai-based SidB’s latest single ‘Dil Ki Sun’ made in collaboration with Raghav Meattle is an ode to listening to your heart. It is the third track of the artist’s upcoming EP and the pop, indie pop track reflect on how the artists left their corporate jobs to become artists.

5. Ain’t Like Me – RANJ X Clifr

RANJ and Clifr’s mainly melodic RnB song ‘Ain’t Like Me’ begins with sample dialogue from an iconic scene from Tamil cinema. Considered a grand gesture of romance at the time, it alludes to the idea that there is indeed a very thin line between love and madness. ‘Ain’t Like Me’ almost comes across as self-talk, trying to recognise yourself as you’re chasing after love, even when it defies logic. The production builds a nostalgic soundscape that pays homage to the golden era of R&B with clean and polished vocals backed by indulgent harmony stacks.

6. I Blew It! – Kamakshi Khanna

Singer/songwriter Kamakshi Khanna’s latest single ‘I Blew It!’ Is an upbeat synth-pop single that explores the jittery and anxious feeling you get when you’re around your crush, and the pressure and intimidation of putting your best foot forward on a first date. It is a song for all those people who identify themselves as socially awkward, capturing the essence of romantic encounters and situationships that begin and end in what ifs.

7. Gumraaha Jaaha – Siddharth Gupta

A blend of Indie Pop and Rock, ‘Gumraaga Jaaha’ by Siddharth Gupta is a reflection of his own journey amidst life’s chaos. It’s the first song of his album which will be releasing this year. The artist has performed at festivals such as Zomaland and Under 25 Summit with creators like Tanmay Bhat, Avanti Nagral, Antara Nandy, and Abish Mathew.

8. Na Rahi.. – Shreya Jain

’Na Rahi..’ by Nagpur-based artist Shreya Jain is an anthem for anyone who has experienced the pain of a failed relationship but found strength and gratitude in moving on to a brighter future. Through its evocative lyrics and soulful melody, the song captures the essence of self-discovery, empowerment, and the courage to let go of what no longer serves one’s happiness.

9. Sunlo – Durba Banerjee, Krishh Datta

’Sunlo’ by Durba Banerjee is a heartfelt romantic ballad that beautifully captures the importance of open communication and understanding between partners. The singer asks their loved one to express their feelings, offering reassurance of their importance and emphasising mutual reliance and emotional connection.

10. When I’m 59 – Alboe

Alboe’s latest track ‘When I’m 59’ is a summer-alternative indie track meant to depict the slow days during peak Delhi heat. The artist write the song next to a pool with a keyboard and mic, before he went back to the studio and added beats to it. The lyrics of the song are hopeful in achieving certain youth moods at an old age hence the name ‘When I’m 59.’

11. Majra – Akanksha Sethi

Mumbai-based artist Akanksha Sethi’s latest track ‘Majra’ expresses the feeling of breaking free from a relationship that wasn’t meant for you. It celebrates the ‘new-you’. The concept derived from her own life, a few years ago when the artist was struggling to come out of a dead-end relationship. It talks about the fact that when you are in your happiest, most self-reliant era, this is what you do; dance around, appreciate yourself and your reflection, immerse deep in your thoughts, and just LIVE to the fullest in the now.

12. Jaane De – Samahita Narang, Susmit Sen

‘Jaane De’ by Samahita Narang and Susmit Sen is a captivating and melodic original indie folk track that combines heartfelt lyrics with memorable hooks and a dynamic production. The song explores letting go of the person you are still in love with, offering a fresh perspective and evoking emotions that many listeners can relate to.

13. Self Imposed Sadness – Saadhya

Bombay-based Saadhya Madiman’s debut single ‘Self-imposed sadness’ draws from physical and emotional pain leading to a long-lasting fear of pain. The feelings of being stuck in life and the eventual realisation of just how lucky we are to be alive is deftly captured by the 16-year-old artist.

14. Symmetries – Frizzell D’Souza

Bangalore-based artist Frizzell D’souza’s latest single ‘Symmetries’ is an alt-pop track that explores the idea that true beauty and meaning often lie in the in-between spaces – the shades of grey where ideas intersect and truths become less polarised. It is a reflection on how we’re often taught to view the world in binary terms, when life actually thrives in the more nuanced areas. Produced by Aadarsh Subramaniam, the track is built around an underlying guitar riff that’s supported by a lush, catchy production incorporating bass, electric guitar, and drums.

15. Bas Tu Kaafi Hai – Vibhor

Jaipur-based artist Vibhor’s ‘Bas Tu Kaafi Hai’ is a soulful track that talks about the overwhelming feeling of deep, almost obsessive love conveyed through the chorus ‘You are enough for me.’ Through the song, the artist has subtly highlighted the beauty of being deeply in love, which comes with insecurities, and eventually the triumph of love over these insecurities. The song explores rage sentiment of loving someone who feels almost too perfect, yet believing wholeheartedly in the connection.

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