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Release Spotlight #79 – Pop Rock, Folk Rock, Melodic drum/bass, and more!

We’re back with the 79th edition of the release spotlight, featuring some of the most talented artists from the Indian independent music scene. Featuring genres like pop rock, folk rock, and more, we aim to provide a diverse array of music suitable for each one of you.

1.Liberate – Hellkitty and Arundhati

Hailing from Bangalore, Hellkitty is a bass music DJ/Producer. His latest release ‘Liberate’ is inspired by the profound impact of a friend’s passing. The song with Arundhati on the vocals is a heartfelt reminder to summon courage when navigating life’s darker tunnels embodying light in darkness.

2. Jaage – Kamlesh Purohit

Chennai-based artist Kamlesh Purohit’s ‘Jaage’ is about the journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The song dives deep into themes of personal growth and authenticity accompanied by mesmerising melody and soulful beats that create an immersive experience.

3. Kahaani – Kavya Singh

Kavya Singh, a New Delhi–based artist released her latest single ‘Kahaani.’ It weaves a story of heartbreak, encapsulating feelings of sorrow and exasperation. The Hindustani classical vocalist who is also a part of The Anirudh Varma collective’s song is produced by Nishant Nagar.

4. Saanson – Nishant Sood

‘Saanson’ by Nishant Sood begins with a simple rhythmic guitar riff later enveloped by swirling layers of synths transporting the listener unto the clouds or somewhere else. The Delhi-based artist’s single has a catchy vocal melody backed by a dreamy arrangement while talking about one-sided love.

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5. 2 Big – Noni-Mouse

A garage-inspired bop designed for the club and late-night excursions, ‘2 Big’ by Noni Mouse talks about the relentless journey of life. Through infectious beats, speculative synths, and a killer bass line, the song is bound to shake up every dance floor.

6. Sound of Souls – Traxler

Embodying the essence of progressive metal while trying to stay unique is metal band Traxler with their single ‘Sound of Souls.’ With aggressive guitar riffs, intense drumming, and guttural vocals, the single is brutal yet melodic in its way. ‘Sound Of Souls’ therefore tries to push the boundaries of musical boundaries.

7. Juloos – Shaikhspeare ft GRAVITY, Farhan Khan, Husxain, and RORO

Aiming to celebrate the streets of hip-hop is ‘Juloos,’ the first single from ‘D.O.N.L.Y.F.’ Cut on a groovy yet menacing drill beat by VIZEN, the movemental procession, is a bar fear track for desi hip-hop with artists Shaikhspeare, GRAVITY, Farhan Khan, Husxain, and RORO.

8. Hold On Tight – Linformation, Perp

Bombay–based artist Urmila Sivadas aka Perp’s ‘Hold On Tight’ produced with Linformation is a part of her debut EP ‘Move.’ The song talks about the conflicts of self-preservation toxic perfection and societal pressure for relentless productivity. It throws light on how every challenge offers valuable lessons while emphasising the importance of enjoying the artistic journey.

9. Embrace – Swati Bhatt

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New Delhi-based artist Swati Bhatt talks about self-care and mental health in her song ‘Embrace.’ The first single from her EP, ‘Embrace’ dives into the realities of childhood trauma and the role self-love plays in the process of healing. Inspired by her personal story, it’s a song you would want in your playlist.

10. Nayee Nazar – Utsavi Jha

As a part of the upcoming ‘Women of the Now’ EP by the FFS label, ‘Nayee Nazar’ by Utsavi Jha stands for hope, love, and romanticising the future in the best possible way. Providing a new perspective on love, ‘Nayee Nazar’s music video features beautiful and refreshing landscapes.

11. Parwaaz – The Western Ghats

The Western Ghats, comprising Aryaendra Shekhar and Sunil George recently released their pop rock song ‘Parwaaz.’ A sad yet soulful ballad, the song is produced by Sunil George and creates a perfect ambiance for your nighttime listening sessions.

12. Ishq Naya Sa – Prithviraj Singh, Ani Mishra

A celebration of the early stages of love, ‘Ishq Naya Sa’ talks about the time when every moment feels fresh and enchanting. It is a melody that resonates with the magic and emotions of a blossoming romance with lyrics written by Nitisha Agrawal. The song aims to capture the essence of new love.

13. Whatever – Hasan Baldiwala

Mumbai-based Hasan Baldiwala’s debut single ‘Whatever’ is a folk-rock, pop song with ethereal harmonies. Part of his debut album ‘Bygones,’ the single talks about the bittersweet, melancholic feeling that comes with closure. The warm, full-flowing rock ballad also has a music video made by director Omkar Potdar.

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14. Sukoon Hai – Theophany Gajpal

Chhattisgarh-based artist Theophany Gajpal gives the perspective of a girl who falls in love with someone and finds out he loves her too through ‘Sukoon Hai.’ The song is set at that moment where the girl takes the step and decides to confess. The song also has a beautiful flute segment by Naman Taunk, adding to the song.

15. Yuh – Till Apes

Bangalore-based 6-piece band Till Apes’ new single ‘Yuh’ has ominous piano melodies, and a saxophone hook to guitar and bass while not being tied to any specific theme or motive. The song has Amrith Raghunathan on guitars and production with Soorya Praveen on bass and composition, Sange Wangchuk on the drums, Philip John on the keyboard, Gautam David on the saxophone, and Hanumankind on vocals.

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