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Paradox Presents ‘The Unknown Letter’ EP with a Blend of Commercial Sonics and Conceptual Depth

Tanish Singh, better known by his stage name ‘Paradox’ released his first project “The Unknown Letter” post his success at MTV Hustle 2.0. The Delhi-based rapper became the first runner-up on the television stage and has been loved by his fans ever since.

“The Unknown Letter” sees Paradox coming up with a rather abstract storyline. The project includes 3 tracks that last less than 10 minutes, all three of the tracks have their separate Music Videos and are connected as Paradox attempts to weave all the tracks into one single project and with a collective elucidation. The project is themed on the individuality and the musicality of the artist, and what makes them different.

Cover art of ‘The Unknown Letter’

One cannot understand the whole plot only by listening to the songs, while this could be an unfavorable factor, the music videos work well enough to narrate what the artist intends to convey. In the first track named “Perfy” Tanishq goes to a party and comes across a girl who he finds attractive. He follows her around till he finds Paradox who seems to be in a relationship with her, it is later revealed that they are no more together. Tanishq follows Paradox in ‘Hasti Rahe Tu’ as he is muddled with the fact that they both are the same. They walk through his heartbreak phase and how Paradox deals with detachment till the EP comes to its end in ‘Sirhaana’ where the chase finally ends and he is about to meet his alternate personality, but he wakes up in his bed and back to where it all began. This ending leaves the whole storyline complete, yet up to the audience’s interpretation. Was it all a dream?

‘Hasti Rahe Tu’ from the EP ‘The Unknown Letter’

The EP exhibits what Paradox is acclaimed for, his voice. The rapper is adored by his fans thanks to his voice modulations and the variations he brings to his music. It serves as a notable standout in his discography due to its thematic concept. Having cultivated a dedicated following from his time on Hustle 2.0, an audience enamored by his musicality and unique sonic palette, Paradox expertly caters to their expectations.

Penned by the rapper himself, “The Unknown Letter” showcases Paradox’s lyrical prowess at its peak. Although some tracks may not resonate with mainstream listeners due to certain production choices, the project still manages to captivate with its well-crafted Quotables and infectious hooks, leaving a lasting impression on its audience. This release successfully unveils a new facet of Paradox’s artistry as he ventures into more commercial territories, further solidifying his position in the music industry.

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