Pablo’s “Hey Man” Showcases Storytelling Simplicity

The budding generation of new-age Indian Hip-Hop artists are exploring their sounds on a more international standard. Kolkata based Pablo is a fresh new face on the Desi rap scene with a style that connects to our roots. No accent, no gimmicks, straight stories and poetry. “Hey Man” is a simplistic, minimal showcase of his storytelling abilities. A catchy tune runs all throughout the song, and Pablo delivers with his appealing, taut voice.

Heart To Heart

Pablo reaches out to the listener both via the track as well as the video – by hosting a phone call. This is the basis of the song, a one-on-one conversation between listener and artist. The song does more than just vent Pablo’s current state of mind. It also gives you a glimpse of what it’s like to be an emerging artist in the scene. It speaks of lost love, friendship and loneliness.

Pablo – Hey Man (Official Music Video)

Pablo certainly knows his songwriting and the song is a vibe in itself. With a whole new wave of artists emerging that are using their unique talents in a good direction, Pablo has been standing out the bunch for a while.

Pablo ensures that the standard of his music remains up-to-date and gives off the vibe of music that can be played both in the clubs and personally. This song speaks of the constant chatter buzzing around Pablo, be it relatives or friends. The video displays this loop of clutter efficiently. The different faces we see on the video are the faces of society staring back at it.

We can expect more of these tunes from him real soon.