Nush Lewis takes you on a quaint bittersweet journey through EP ‘Bridges’

Mumbai based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and one of India’s only renowned Harp players, Nush Lewis launches her EP ‘Bridges’ which is nothing short of magic. Having collaborated with other musicians unlike in her previous EP ‘Fused’, Nush has scaled up the production in ‘Bridges’. This 5-track EP is an ode to an artist’s growth despite all the odds on their journey towards self-discovery. Driven by the piano all through its inception and later, ‘Bridges’ is harmonically diverse and pleasant at the same time. The live drums by Linford D’Souza and chunky bass by Yohann Coutinho add up to the charm of her minimal acoustic soundscape. Mixed by sound engineer Ishan Naik and mastered by Marco Antonio Spaventi, ‘Bridges’ was recorded across three studios in Mumbai – Island City Studios, Wah Wah Music, and Theatre 74.

The EP opens with “Untuned” which talks about grabbing freedom and embracing it while it ends with a bout of melancholy in “Distance” hinting at escapism into the territories of an alternate universe. ‘Bridges’ seemingly is backed by an all-girls choir lending its steely, yet vulnerable voice.
Nush Lewis takes you on a quaint bittersweet journey through the EP’s ambient soundscape forming an undercurrent of longing, freedom, lament through its diverse tracks. Although, the EP gets a little stagnant after a point of time, it is safe to say that it catches up real quick and makes up for a piece worth listening to.