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“My songs involve satire and comedy and real stories about my lifestyle” – In Conversation with Killa K

Killa K aka Kevin Lourd is the rapper voice of the Tamilian people in Bengaluru. Writing from a young age, his journey in rap came from a small request by the people in his neighbourhood to write music they would understand. In 2019, he dropped his first Tamil song called ‘Va Voi’ which was met with instant virality in his neighbourhood as well as the international musical community.

He recently released a new track ‘JOLLY’ alongside Parimal Shia, an acclaimed producer and DJ. A story about the trials and tribulations of kids in the middle, the lyrics and their deliberate nature allow listeners to connect with the story. In a conversation with us, the artist talks about his journey so far.

1) Tell us a bit about your project. How did you begin your journey as a singer/ songwriter?

My journey of becoming an artist started in 2019. I wrote my first ever song in Tamil “Va Voi” which became a local hit. Ever since I started writing and releasing freestyles on Instagram and songs on YouTube.

2) Which bands/artists were your first love and who is your biggest influence? 

I used to play football growing up so I love Nike. 50 cent was my biggest influence initially it was because of him I realized a lot about hip hop.

3) Tell us a bit about your latest single ‘JOLLY.’

I wrote JOLLY in January. It had just been there on my phone for a while. Parimal and I decided to make a new song when we were chilling one day. So we made a beat and it just fit the vibe perfectly. Without thinking twice we sent it to our team and everyone was aligned so we just dropped.

4) What is your music making and recording process like?

I write whatever I feel whenever I feel like writing. It’s very random sometimes when I’m riding my scooter and sometimes when I’m in the shower. Sometimes I’ll wake up from my sleep and write a line. It’s funny to me thinking about it but this is how I write.

5) Why do you make music? What drives you as a musician and what are your songs about?

I make music because this is what I love to do. Over time I’ve also realized what I do serves as inspiration to the people around me. So I try to do the best in all that I do.

My songs involve satire and comedy and real stories about my lifestyle, where I’m from and what I do and also my family.

6) Which Indian artists or bands do you admire and why?

AR Rahman sir is someone I admire. The reason being I believe his music is timeless.

7) What’s your take on the independent music scene in India?

I’m glad to see it grow everyday and expand to be something very huge. I wish to see a lot of people follow their dreams and work hard and make something out of it.

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