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‘Museum’ EP: Tejas’ Experimental Fusion of Classical and Contemporary Sounds

Tejas, a beloved pop artist from Mumbai, unveils a new facet of his creativity with his latest EP, “Museum”. This collection delves deep into the singer’s psyche, musing on the loss of his father, his identity as an immigrant and his journey in understanding his roots. Drawing inspiration from “The Lion King” and “Hamlet”, this EP is a far cry from his previous works. It’s a raw, introspective exploration that’ll leave you craving more. “Museum” is a testament to Tejas’ artistic evolution, and it’s a wild ride you won’t want to miss.

The EP’s opening track unveils a mesmerizing soundscape, as the strains of the Sarangi, deftly wielded by Vanraj Shastri, fill the air. The music paints a vivid picture, each note a brushstroke laden with wistful nostalgia that resonates deep within the listener’s soul. Skillfully straddling the line between classical and modern, the track serves as a portal into the depths of the EP. This one-minute track sets the ambience for the EP and effortlessly transitions into the lead track “Museum”.

Discussing the creation of the EP, Tejas shares how he experimented with various sonic elements. For example, there are instances in which he uses lot of loop elements and reverses the sound, aligning with its c theme. This novel approach marks a significant departure from his usual style, a detour that has, undeniably, paid off in his favour.

In the title track ‘Museum’, Tejas’ sound experiments take center stage. The song opens with his vocals, harmonizing seamlessly with meticulously layered sounds. The energetic beat serves as a backbone, effortlessly balancing a sense of nostalgia with a contemporary resonance, resulting in a truly unique auditory experience. Tejas masterfully weaves together English lyrics and influences from mystical musical styles, strategically placing various instruments and sounds to create an audio tapestry that is both diverse and mesmerizing. Reflecting on the theme of ‘Museum’, Tejas reveals, “I wanted to evoke a spiritual connection to the past and explore how, despite our eagerness to rectify our mistakes, we often find ourselves repeating them, both as individuals and as a society”.

In the third track, ‘The Clock’, we find another showcase of the soulful Sarangi, consistent with the EP’s overall musical theme. Here, Tejas introduces philosophical concepts that provide a deeply introspective look into loss and redemption, all set to the rhythm of funky, shimmering pop music. As the song progresses, it transitions into an upbeat tempo with the royal tune of the sarangi. This expressive blend encapsulates Tejas’s unique ability to intertwine traditional and contemporary sounds.

The EP’s climactic finale, ‘Read Your Mind’, is a masterclass in the effective deployment of looping sounds, building towards a powerful crescendo. Maalika Borat and Aari Nanji’s backdrop vocals add a layer of grandeur to the track, their harmonies intertwining seamlessly with Jehangir Jehangir’s dynamic drumming. The song possesses an anthem-like quality, its soaring melodies and intricate instrumentation serving as a perfect and compelling conclusion to the auditory exploration that is the ‘Museum’ EP.

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