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Many Roots Ensemble’s “Echoes of Origin” Is A Musical Joyride Through Global Grooves and Infectious Beats

Get ready to dive headfirst into Many Roots Ensemble’s latest album, “Echoes of Origin,” a musical rollercoaster that blends global influences and infectious rhythms into one hell of a ride. Recorded in July 2023, this album is all about breaking boundaries and having a blast while doing it. Kicking off the party is “Initiation Dance,” a funky afrobeat banger featuring the lively vocals of MC Mawali. It’s got everything: groovy percussion, smooth basslines, and saxophone solos that’ll make you move like nobody’s watching.

“Urban Junglist” keeps the vibes going with its seductive sax riffs that could score the coolest detective flick. Dark and mysterious, it’s like a soundtrack to a midnight adventure through city streets. “Resurgence” dials up the energy with frantic drums and gritty saxophone wails, adding a raw edge that’ll make your speakers shake. Slowing it down, “Fault in Thy Heart” brings in mellow guitars and a soulful bassline that sets the stage for RANJ and Sampriti’s silky-smooth vocals. It’s RnB with a modern twist, blending old-school soul with fresh beats that hit just right.

“Valhalla” throws time signatures out the window with its jazzy sax and playful synth flourishes. It’s chill yet upbeat, like a cocktail party where everyone’s dancing to their own rhythm. “Cold Turkey” cranks the party dial to eleven with its infectious guitars and MC Mawali’s rapid-fire rhymes. It’s a feel-good anthem that’ll have you bouncing off the walls with its electric energy.

Closing out with “Ethio-Todi,” Many Roots Ensemble dives deep into fusion territory, mixing Ethiopian vibes with Indian ragas. Shirish Malhotra’s tenor sax adds a mystical touch, blending cultures and sounds into a mesmerizing finale.

“Echoes of Origin” isn’t just an album—it’s a damn good time. Many Roots Ensemble proves they’re masters of musical fusion, blending genres and cultures with a swagger that’s all their own. So dial up the volume and let this album take you on a wild ride through the world of modern jazz. You won’t regret it.

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