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News Launches With A Bang: Quality Gigs At Home With Donation Based Model

A few years from now, 2020 will be the year we all “stayed at home.” Amid the current Coronavirus pandemic, life, as we know it, has changed. We’re all working from home, learning from home, and getting stuck in a monotonous routine. There are only so many shows one can watch on Netflix before their eyes start watering and the storylines start merging into one another. 

However, when the need of the hour is to stay indoors and be safe, why don’t we all unite in music? Introducing –, a live streaming platform from to stream exclusive, customized gigs and connect with some of your favourite indie and commercial artists from the comfort of your own homes. Fans will be able to chat with their favourite artists, send in requests and get as up close with as is possible through a screen! 

Currently, has developed 7 stylised genre-based performance rooms and has partnered with multiple musicians across genres for the first 14 gigs which will be kicking off on 19th June 2020 with the first concert series.

How Does It Work?

GigSync’s huge roster of indie as well as commercial musicians will be signing up for the platform and creating an exclusive show for fans. We’ll provide tune-in information for each show on our homepage, Facebook and Instagram pages. Interested fans will log in and be able to watch the “gig” free of cost for the first 5 minutes. After that, should fans wish to watch more, they’ll have the option to make a small donation starting at INR 50/- to continue watching. Fans will also have the ability to support the artists by increasing their donation upto INR 2,000/- should they wish to do so. 70% of the proceeds will go to artists with the rest being used to continue the programming. 

Currently, the platform is only allowing indie and commercial musicians to create shows, but they intent to open up the platform to other performing artists in the near future.

Why Pay To Watch?  

Though musicians, like other creatives, love pouring out their creativity to entertain, performing at events is how they make a living! Sadly, the events industry was the hardest hit by the current pandemic and won’t be recovering anytime soon. To soften the blow for the musicians and support their talent, is allowing fans to donate the amount that they want to the musician that they are watching live. Fan donations range between INR 50/- to INR 2,000/-. Donate when you want and as much as you want. Any donations are welcome and appreciated. 

This is the time to come together and support the artist community just the way they support and entertain you with their music through the years!

What makes it better than a live stream on Social Media? 

No pesky notifications and a totally personal experience! provides a notification free, intimate viewing experience where fans can chat with their favourite artists, send in song requests (per artists’ discretion) and donate to get a shout out!

All the streams that will be hosted on will be produced by our highly skilled production team and will have multiple camera angles and filters, hence making it a first of its kind viewing experience for fans. will be embracing all the capabilities that live streams currently have and will be using cutting-edge technology to make each show as, if not more engaging than a live performance.

Here’s the gig calendar below. To go to their website, click HERE.

Friday 19th June – Easy Homie – Tansen (Secret Party)
Sunday 21st June – Sofa Babe – Ali Saffudin
Tuesday 23rd June- Sofa Babe – Osho Jain
Thursday 25th June – Sticky Taffy- Corridors
Monday 29th June- Sofa Babe- Bhrigu Saini
Wednesday 1st July- Easy Homie – Ahmer Javed
Friday 3rd July- Sticky Taffy – Curtain Blue
Sunday 5th July– Tunes In the Nude- Sanjeeta Bhattacharya
Tuesday 7th July- Sofa Babe – Soundarya Jayachandran
Thursday 9th July- Sofa Babe- Samar Mehndi
Friday 10th July- Sticky Taffy- _RHL
Saturday 11th July- Untz Untz – Kampai

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