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KR$NA’s Latest EP ‘Far From Over’ Marks His Victory Over A Prolonged Creative Block

The Delhi-based artist is the face of lyrical rap in India, and his contribution to the scene is quite viable for the growth of meaningful and lyrical rap in the growing industry. His last project, ‘Time Will Tell’ was in collaboration with Pakistan-based musicians and showcased how well he can blend in with other rappers and their styles while still being what he is celebrated for. Although KR$NA’s releases are hyped and loved by his audience, being consistent with his art is something he found difficult.

His latest project, ‘Far From Over’, marks his long-awaited comeback post the artistic block he was suffering from. Released on the 29th of August, the five-track EP is full of bangers that serve as a treat to his audience. Lasting a bit more than 17 minutes, the EP features the Delhi-based eminent rap duo ‘Seedhe Maut’ and Toronto’s AR Paisley, with production features from Deep Kalsi, Bharg, and Umair. The EP is a very personal one felt by the rapper as it serves as a testimony to the persistence he has as an artist. In his own words, the EP is the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ that he found himself in.

The tracks boast of KR$NA’s caliber as they are filled with clever wordplay and pristine flows. The lead single ‘Prarthana’ produced by Bharg and co-produced by Umair and Deep Kalsi is one of the most streamed out of the project. The drums on the piece complement Krsna’s flow, the hook is vibey enough to make one recite it along with him. The flow switches and references in the song are other aspects that the audience enjoys. He takes subliminal shots at some rappers he is known to be lethal with while playing with his rhyme schemes that speak of his capabilities. ‘Wanna Know’ is a rather melodic single, the hook is very catchy and the samples of the track give it the tune it preaches about. Krsna talks about how people secretly admire his work yet can’t appreciate him because of their insecurities. ‘Hola Amigo’ is a tuneful piece that treats the audience with three different rappers having three different perspectives on a prodigy’s beat. The music by Umair creates the ethos of the piece as he gives way to KR$NA who starts off with a snappy rhyme scheme that he carries along with flow switches. He bridges the verses with a hook before handing over the mic to Calm. The track sees him playing with his style and implementing different flow patterns across his verses as his voice adds a sort of freshness to the EP. Encore comes up next, the persona he portrays on the mic is beyond commendable, he talks about how superior he is to the competition people place him in while mentioning how important Hip-Hop is to him. Encore’s writing skills make him no less than a poet, he executes his part with genius wordplays. Seedhe Maut’s capability to collaborate with artists and fit in their styles is undeniably praiseworthy. ‘Hola Amigo’ comes right after Krsna’s verse ‘Khatta Flow’ from Seedhe Maut’s recent mixtape where both the artists adapted to each other’s signature creating a hit that’ll be a banger forever and a day.

The cover art of the EP portrays what Krsna was going through, it further stresses how important this project rather this comeback were for him as an artist and an individual. The chair in a dark room indicates the place he was in, suffering from a lack of inspiration and ideas as an artist. The lit-up chair facing the window symbolizes the position he was in, his ingenuity looking for a light that’s bright enough to help him get back to what he is best at. The long-awaited rays of light resemble his comeback, they also showcase the pleasure his audience has. Krsna’s personality is always a work-in-progress, he refuses to sit back and be repetitive, this EP and the theme behind it speak of his courage to be open about his vulnerabilities and prove the connection he has with the awaam.

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