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Krishna Peri’s Beauteous Riffs Take Us “Across the Horizon”

An enticing amassment of beautiful ambient guitar tones coupled with a byzantine arrangement of odd-time signatures, Krishna Peri’s new release “Across the Horizon” highlights the artists attempt to embark on a different musical direction while retaining the inherent qualities that shot him into the limelight. This instrumental guitarist uses his knowledge of the instrument and of the art to serve the audience with an experience which doesn’t really end with the 6 tracks in the EP.

Peri’s musical journey began with his exposure to classical Carnatic music, which inspired him to passionately follow music as a career while effectively creating a solid backbone to his compositions. His inspirations transcend any particular genre, as he lists the names of Dimebag Darrell, John Petrucci and Joe Satriani amongst others as his idols. In an attempt to showcase his talents to the world, he released his debut Instrumental EP called “Cyclotron” which was concept album following the adventures and journey of Dr. Quark when he lands on the planet Nabiru after a freak accident. Peri used this album to propagate his proclivity towards fusion and intermixing of sounds transcending different genres and time frames. The album incorporated a classic rock sound of the 80s infused with modern tones and vibes.

“Across the Horizon” immediately stands out from the artist’s previous release with its newer approach to composing and delivering his music. Introducing a newer and wider array of musical feats and using his production expertise to tie it all together intricately, the album name does foreshadow the artist’s attempt to expand the horizon of his musical capabilities. To keen observers, this album idealizes Peri’s departure from the classic old-school metal sound that he is used to incorporating in his music. The new sound is reminiscent of the Viking and Black Metal genres which is infused with the artist’s own signature flair. Each of the 6 tracks in this album envision a different theme from the others, successfully leaving the listener in awe and dazzled. Apart from the sheer beauty of the guitar tones and elements, the album also features sounds and inputs from other instruments and the ethereal overlay of the operatic vocals which act as a catalyst in creating a truly wondrous musical experience for the audience. Apart from the stellar guitar solos and shredding, the album stands out in its coverage of the ambient soundscape that circumvents the tracks in the album, creating an experience that ruptures barriers.

In a nutshell, “Across the Horizon” acts as a stepping stone for Peri’s attempt in expanding the limits and horizon of his musical capabilities. He creates a pulchritudinous and immersive soundscape with his composition and production skills that breaks through the barriers of time and genre, ultimately delivering beyond expectations.  

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