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Karajimo’s Debut Album ‘Lunar Howl’ Is An Industrial Electronica Paragon To Groove To

Viraj Mohan aka Karajimo, the live industrial electronica act from Delhi, has released his debut album called ‘Lunar Howl’. Featuring a wide range of known musicians from the independent music circle, the cohesive 10-track album establishes Karajimo as a prominent voice in the underground electronic music movement. The album is available on digital platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music and even TikTok’s new music streaming app Resso. 

Karajimo is no newbie to the music space. After being a regular in the live circuit for years and recently also unveiling a DJ set, Karajimo has collaborated with people that he’s worked with previously for this album. For instance, former Another Vertigo Rush bandmate, Nikhil Rufus Raj is on bass on this album while Keshav Dhar who is widely known for his work with progressive metal band Skyharbor has produced and mixed the album in tandem with Mohan. “It is always a great feeling to be part of a piece of music that is out into the world, even more so when it’s a best bud and a long time musical partner in crime at the helm of it. Really excited for Lunar Howl to be out there finally,” said Keshav Dhar. Karajimo who recently signed with warpcore is known to perform in two formats. His recently launched DJ set features industrial soundscapes from his own tracks combined with modern house and techno, while his live act is a head rush inducing cocktail of industrial and ambient soundscapes, meshed with grungy vocal harmonies. 

The album also features seasoned live acts from the Delhi live music scene like Deveshi Sahgal, Curtain Blue aka Abhishek Bhatia of “The Circus” along with drummer Anshul Lall. Longtime collaborator Rahul Das of OORT and the Sundogproject also features on the album alongside legendary electronic act Karsh Kale.

As you wade through the sonic landscape that Karajimo has created on ‘Lunar Howl’, the shining element is the groove infused grunge, manufactured through noisy synths and distorted guitars. The inter-connectedness of all the tracks, flowing into one from the other enables it to be played, left and enjoyed without interruption. The various tracks that feature vocals, add to the album’s universality and make it a great listen for even music lovers who might have limited themselves to rock. Maintaining the overall vibe of the album as dark and sinister, Karajimo proves to be one of the few electronica music producers in India that truly know how to create an experience for the listener rather than just putting out different songs in silos.

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