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Inside the Making of ‘Thee Chirakukal’: The Trailblazing Journey of Gowwli

Unveiling their latest indie single ‘Thee Chirakukal,’ the experimental folk-rock ensemble Gowwli is setting a unique narrative. This Auroville-based band is a mix of diverse cultures, headlined by Jaijea John Kuruvilla, Bovas Kuruvilla, Akshai K Ashokan, and Swaroop Thottankara. When asked which language do they sing in? Their genuine response was, “Any words that come to mind,” reflecting their transcendent approach to music. While the name ‘Gowwli,’ literally translating to ‘Lizards,’ signifies resilience and regeneration, it’s also an apt metaphor for their musical philosophy.

In 2022, Gowwli was celebrated by Pondicherry Tourism as the Frontiers of Cultural Exchange Performers. Their exquisite acoustics, haunting harmonies, and complex compositions mirror their diverse roots and boundless talent. ‘Thee Chirakukal’ continues this expressive journey, showcasing the band’s dynamic folk-rock vibe.

Making of Thee Chirakukal:

“Thee Chirakukal”, or “Wings of Fire” in Malayalam, is a deeply personal reflection of Gowwli’s journey as a band, born from their shared experiences as artists pursuing self-discovery and authenticity. The song took shape during a downpour at a music festival in Indore. Despite their performance being cancelled, it was recorded live and captured on video by Bollybulls Entertainment, turning a potential setback into a triumphant moment.

About the song: 

The song weaves a narrative of four celestial beings who travel across the universe in search of an inner calling. Each verse reflects their transformation as they find their unique voice and purpose. The potent lyrics encapsulate a profound message of freedom and self-realisation. It asserts that true growth happens when one sheds worldly constraints and embraces their inner fire. Each star is symbolic of the elements – fire, air, water, and steel. The tune crescendos into a symphony of liberation, resonating with the band’s powerful ethos. The song culminates in a resounding affirmation of resilience, portraying life’s adversities not as setbacks but as catalysts for finding the strength to pursue one’s dreams fervently.

‘Thee Chirakukal’ thrives through its stirring vocals, authentic blues undertones, and masterful guitar passages. This, combined with their consistently high-energy live performances, makes catching Gowwli in action a must. It’s almost like the band seems to be spearheading a musical movement, and we are eagerly anticipating their future work.

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