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“I create music as a means of expressing emotions and sharing stories” – In Conversation With Suzonn

Suzonn, the artist behind ‘Farq Hai,’ now an internet sensation, is a singer/songwriter hailing from Assam. He creates music in genres like Indie-folk/pop, folk rock, and pop. He is known for his blend of simple tunes and profound lyrics focusing on themes like love, separation, and social issues. We took a little time to have a chat with him and here’s what he said: 

1.Tell us a bit about your project. How did you begin your journey as a singer-songwriter?

My journey as a singer-songwriter began with a deep passion for storytelling through music. The project started organically, driven by some personal experiences and some fictional emotions that found expression in my songs.

2. Which bands/artists were your first love and who is your biggest influence?

My first musical loves were bands like Jal Band, Silk Route and East India Company and many more. However, my biggest influence has been Shafqat Amanat Ali, whose work has profoundly shaped my musical style and approach.

3. You just released a single, “Reit Ka Ghar.” Tell us a bit about it. What’s the song about?

“Reit Ka Ghar” delicately weaves through the poignant tapestry of separation, unraveling the threads of a once robust connection. The song tenderly reflects on the fragility of bonds, as the individual contemplates the gentle collapse of something once sturdy. Amidst the emotional debris, a sincere wish for the beloved’s happiness resonates, marking the beginning of a new chapter.”

4. What is your music-making and recording process like?

My music-making process typically starts with creating a demo in my home setup. Once I’m satisfied, I seek out a producer whose vision aligns with mine. Together, we hire session musicians to record the necessary instruments. After that, I add the final vocals and send the project to a mix engineer.

5. How did it feel when “Farq Hai” became an internet sensation? Walk us through that moment.

The moment “Farq Hai” became an internet sensation was surreal. Witnessing the song resonate with so many people was humbling and inspiring. It reinforced the power of music to connect on a universal level.

6. Why do you make music? What drives you as a musician and what are your songs about?

I create music as a means of expressing emotions and sharing stories. My motivation as a musician stemfrom a deep desire to convey both personal and fictional emotions. In my songs, I often explore themes such as love, separation, depression, and social issues, offering listeners a glimpse into the essence of the human experience.

7. Which Indian bands or artists do you admire? And why?

I admire Amit Trivedi for his unique blend of genres and innovative compositions. His ability to infuse distinct elements into his work creates a diverse and captivating sound.

8. What’s your take on the independent music scene in India?

The independent music scene in India is thriving, providing a platform for diverse voices and genres. It allows artists to break free from traditional constraints, fostering creativity and connecting directly with audiences.

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