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Hardbone’s latest EP ‘Parinaam’ with Sinash presents an all-new side to the Jaipur-based artist’s musicality

Released on the 6th of April, “Parinaam” by Hardbone and Sinash is a 4 track EP that runs for 12 minutes. Hardbone, as his name suggests, is known as a hardcore rapper. With his unique flows and delivery over bangers such as ‘Teetar’ and ‘Gher’, he has built an audience that appreciates the flows and delivery that he practices. Sinash, who has been a long-time collaborator of another Rajasthan-based rapper “The U.D.”, is known for his evocative production and coherent soundscapes that he paints in projects.

The first track of the EP, ‘Mat Kar Yaad’, which is also the lead single of the project, explores introspective and sympathetic narratives. It relates to the aftermath of a breakup and how hard it is to let someone go. This sombre essence is beautifully presented by Sinash’s light-hearted production. The next track ‘Kya Fayeda’ is a soulful piece that again presents Hardbone’s introspective thoughts as he questions the worth of his love. He talks about loneliness and how it is difficult for him to find solace despite his efforts. The production and arrangement did not work for me, the approach with the drums and a rather fast-paced flow does not go with the setting and theme of the track. Following next, ‘Kaafi Paap’ features emotive thoughts relating to stress and anguish. Once again, the track features a rather energetic production that does not go along with the perspectives that Hardbone presents. And contrary to the last two tracks, Hardbone’s flow seemed rather monotonous which is confusing given the production and the theme the track is set around.

Honestly, ‘Parinaam’ is a good attempt at showcasing the artist’s versatility and the strive for experimentalism. Needless to say, It is cohesive and innovative. I appreciate how Hardbone tried to switch sounds and work with styles of production that he hasn’t yet. However, the themes that he chose to work with and the approach at times did not always result in a perfect track. Being a fan of the Jaipur-based rapper, I would love to see him get out of his zone more often and work with more such narratives.

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