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Groove to desi-rock beats with ‘Bedesi’ by Sharma and The Besharams

“Sharma & The Besharams” is a Hindi Pop Band hailing from Mumbai. Their debut EP – ‘बीdesi’ is all about celebrating the spirit of being Indian and essence of desi-ness. The band’s vocalist Vasuda Sharma is a known figure in the music industry, a singer-songwriter who started her music journey with the pop band Aasma and later ventured into the indie scene releasing her solo debut folk- fusion Album – “Attuned Spirits” featuring over 30 musicians from all across the globe.

With the right mix of folk and rock, this album stands out from the rest and offers a unique listening experience. Throughout the album, a variety of musical instruments such as the guitar, drums, and banjo come together to create a mesmerizing melody. The music is inspired by nature, its sound, and beauty all around us. It reminds us of the simple life in rural India, with the sweet sounds of birds chirping and cows mooing. In fact, a song in the EP is called ‘Bailgaadi’ and is dedicated to the ox who ferries people in rural areas. The music video is a delight to watch to as well, where the ox is personified as a person.

The video is shot in a neon-lit studio room, and the benefits of having a bailgaadi have been expounded in the track. In fact, there is a special dance that the band members do along with the Ox which seems to be the signature dance step of the video. The music has a sing-along rhythm which is quite catchy. The song lyrics are full of humor and wit, which makes you laugh. The song ends with a crescendo of a mix between dirty blues rock and the sounds of ‘mooing’.

‘Ganga’ is a Bhojpuri folk song which is about the glory of the sacred river Ganga. Probably the most interesting and endearing song on the album, the song seems to find the band in its most effortless and natural elements.

The track ‘Jazbaa’ is full of enthusiasm and positive vibes. The music video was made with the help of a wrestling group. The wrestling coaches and students were the foundation on which the creative output of the video was built. The message conveyed through this song is to never give up, no matter what hurdles and problems come in your way. The music video has shots from the wrestling akharas where wrestlers continuously strive to win despite the odds. The intro verse of the banjo and guitar is quite catchy and stays through the song. The progressive electric guitar sound in the middle of the track is also quite a refreshing change.

‘Rahiman’ is a significantly different track from the others. Lyrically, it is a combination of the various couplets said by the famous saint Kabir Das. An attempt has been made to convert them into a rock song.

Overall, this album is great for someone who enjoys a fusion of musical styles. It has the right combination of rustic and modern. Do listen to this album to feel a deep sense of connection with your roots.

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