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Five Tracks of Rock Bliss: Arrows’ Debut EP Under the Spotlight

Arrows, the brainchild of Bombay-based musician David Britto, emerges onto the music scene with a debut EP that revitalizes rock music with a fresh perspective and vibrant energy. “Friends Tonight, Strangers Again” is not just any rock EP; it’s a journey that leaves an indelible mark at every turn. Whether you’re a die-hard rock fan or a casual listener, “Friends Tonight, Strangers Again” is a must-listen album that will leave you wanting more.

This musical endeavour began as a modest collaborative project in 2019 when Arrows unveiled the single “Spaces.” Over the ensuing four years, the project has grown into a fully-fledged musical entity, showcasing a penchant for innovation and a commitment to pushing the envelope. Now, on the 8th of September 2023, Arrows is set to unleash their debut EP, a five-track production that represents a tasteful fusion of rock’s diverse subgenres.

The EP kicks off with “Fight This Fight,” featuring the dynamic duo of Siddharth Basrur and Warren Mendonsa. From the outset, this track sets a high-energy tone reminiscent of the refreshing feeling of a new day’s dawn. “Fight This Fight” pushes listeners to transcend boundaries and persevere, perfectly capturing the essence of morning freshness.

Following in its wake is “Carnaby,” a collaboration with Saurabh Roy and the soulful Bombay Brass. This track brings an intriguing contrast, inviting listeners to savour life’s playful moments while delving into lyrics that resonate deeply with the human experience. “Carnaby” acknowledges the myriad sources of inspiration and motivation that enrich our lives, creating a musical narrative that strikes a chord with the complexities of existence.

“Take It Away,” featuring the stirring vocals of Joel Padikkal, channels raw angst and disdain born from the trials of love. With the unforgettable line, “We are friends tonight but strangers in the end,” the song delves into the emotional turmoil that accompanies love’s bitter path. It’s a passionate lament that resonates with those who have tasted the bittersweet depths of heartache.

“Can We Be,” featuring the ethereal Second Sight, is a sublime confession of love, capturing the essence of butterflies in the stomach and the intoxicating thrill of new romance. This track exudes a refreshing and invigorating vibe, enveloping listeners in the tender emotions that come with the dawn of love’s journey. It’s a musical serenade to the intoxicating allure of new beginnings.

The EP reaches its zenith with “You,” a beautifully rendered composition featuring the enchanting voice of Saachi. This track serves as a motivational embrace, infusing your spirit with positivity and optimism. Saachi’s vocals convey a sense of upliftment, complemented by the thoughtful and empowering lyrics. “You” leaves you with a heartwarming reassurance that, despite life’s challenges, inner peace and resilience can always be found.

Arrows’ “Friends Tonight, Strangers Again” is more than just a debut EP; it’s a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation within the rock genre. Each track is a unique chapter in a compelling musical narrative, expertly composed and delivered.

On the technical front, the EP showcases impeccable production, with all tracks written and composed by David Britto himself. Siddharth Basrur takes the helm as the producer, while Zain Calcuttawala and Siddharth Talwar of Horse Garden Productions handle the mixing and mastering duties. Notable guest musicians like Warren Mendonsa, Rhys Sebastian, Neil Waters, Ramon Ibrahim, and Brent Tauro contribute their talents, adding depth and richness to the EP’s soundscapes.

Arrows’ “Friends Tonight, Strangers Again” is a remarkable debut that transcends the confines of traditional rock music. With heartfelt collaborations, thoughtful lyrics, and melodies that linger long after the final note, Arrows’ inaugural EP is a testament to the enduring power of music to touch hearts and forge connections. It promises a bright future for this emerging musical force.

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