Fellow Swimmers’ “Morning Deathstar” is a Mellifluous Experience

How would you react to a band that makes you feel a motley of emotions through their songs? That is the kind of question that you will be struggling to answer when you experience the EP released by Fellow Swimmers. ‘Morning Deathstar’ is the debut EP brought to us by Fellow Swimmers and it is honestly a beautiful tapestry of musical and emotional fusion. Mellow guitar tones, a soothing implementation of instrumental and vocal inputs laid beautifully upon a moody musical base has led to the creation of an EP that is unique in quite a lot of ways.

Formed back in 2017 in the city of Guwahati, Fellow Swimmers claim their musical style to be an interpretation of emotions that are “less uttered and more felt”. Their music dwells in the spot where ambient electronic and dream pop coincides. It is evident from their approach to music that they refuse to be bound to the parameters of one particular genre. They do justice to the word “experimentation” as they’ve taken that relatively volatile task and successfully created something with it that transcends the concepts of musical and genre-wise boundaries.

‘Morning Deathstar’ portrays a plethora of tones and sounds which are experimented upon, played with and arranged to make something unique. If the music alone does not stagger you, the scintillating vocals along with this particular type of music will surely teleport you to another world. The kind of songs that can be found on this EP are the ones that can be found playing in the immediate background while you lay on the ground staring at the night-sky and the stars that illuminate it beautifully.  

This experimental ambient-rock group has come to offer us something substantially unique which will surely induce the audience to latch onto it and refuse to let go until the musical journey has come to an end. Each track on this EP seems to evoke a different emotion and at the end of it, the listener will have a personal moment that he/she’d like to take away from this musical experience.

Hear their album HERE.