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Faizan and Agaahi’s “Rahman Brothers & CO” is an Attestation to all the Myriad Forms of Love

Faizan Rahman and Agaahi Raahi are now household names in the hip-hop scene, credits to their venture & collaborative work. Faizan’s collective, J-Block is working towards creating and experimenting with fresh sounds in music. On the other hand, Wanandaf, a Hip-Hop group co-founded by Agaahi Raahi, is reimagining and breathing new life into the Bangalore’s eclectic soundscape.

While the artists are often talked about independently, not many are aware that the two are biological siblings. In spirit of this, “Rahman Brothers & CO,” which released on the 23rd of June, celebrates their reunion and marks their first project together. Produced by Faizan and co-produced by Circle Tone and Ved, the EP sees the duo talk about the forms and phases of love.

The Cover art of the EP “RAHMAN BROTHERS & CO

The three-track EP lasts around 10 minutes. The music features vocal samples and melodic loops that set a tone for the EP. The project has a certain calmness and comfort to itself, and this feeling stems from the overall musicality it carries. Faizan, Circle Tone, and Ved’s production allow the sibling duo to convey their feelings and add their reality to the EP.

The first track, “Mukhtalif,” is Produced by Faizan and co-produced by Circle Tone. The siblings talk about the sensations of falling in love and its initial phases. The second track, “Jeena,” produced by Faizan, is about when you are with the person you love and how life without them seems impossible. The artists add realism to their credo based on this theme. This is followed by the last track of the EP, “Aasra,” which is produced by Ved. This song encapsulates the pain of letting go and the realization that mere love is inadequate.

The track list of the EP

“Rahman Brothers & CO” is a beautiful project that not only marks the reunion of the sibling artists but is also a testament to their caliber in music and artistry. Be it the raw and real emotions of Agaahi that he conveys with well-written lyrics that add a poetic feel to his artistry, or the composition and lyricism by Faizan and his perspective to the theme that he connects, this EP brings out a different self of the artists.

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