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Exploring Protest Poetry With Epr Iyer’s Latest Album, ‘Uncertainty Principle’

Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer or Epr Iyer, a Kolkata-based rapper known as the ‘newspaper rapper’, is back with his latest album, ‘Uncertainty Principle’. With a total of 9 songs, this album showcases Iyer’s ability to write complex bars. The album is written in Hindi and English, and Iyer brings a fresh blend of hip-hop and protest poetry. He has been a member of the alternative rock band ‘Underground Authority’ and the acronym Epr in his name stands for emcee/poet/rapper. With power stage presence and an inventive flow, Iyer captivates his audience with great lyricism and mind-boggling verses.

Uncertainty Principle starts with the song ‘A Prelude To Uncertainty’ which features haunting piano melodies and some introspective lyrics that explore the theme of uncertainty in life. Epr Iyer expertly weaves together references to the uncertainty principle and his own studio, conveying the idea that his artistic journey is like a scientific experiment where he’s continually pushing the boundaries of his craft.

The second song titled ‘Never Lose Focus’, Epr Iyer brings a more upbeat and energetic vibe. The song showcases some catchy hooks and rhythmic beats, that make it stand out from the rest of the album. Epr Iyer’s rap flows effortlessly throughout the song, showcasing his exceptional skill as a lyricist. What sets ‘Never Lose Focus’ apart is its underlying message of perseverance and determination. Epr Iyer cleverly references Indian physicist S Chandrasekhar, who is renowned for his groundbreaking work on stars. 

The third track ‘Tum Saath Raho’, with some unique synths creates a distinct sound that captures the emotions of love and longing. The lyrics of this song are dedicated to someone he deeply cares about, expressing the desire for them to stay. ‘Tum Saath Raho’ goes beyond the surface of a typical love song by delving into the complexities of relationships.

‘Fibonacci’, is a hard-hitting track that showcases Epr Iyer’s fast rap skills alongside some heavy guitar riffs. This song has the potential to catapult him to the top of the list of rappers in India. He delivers a unique blend of scientific ideas and traditional Indian influences in ‘Fibonacci’. With its infectious energy and thought-provoking lyrics, ‘Fibonacci’ is a standout song in the album. 

The fifth track on the album, ‘Rohan’s Bet’, takes a different approach with an audio recording featuring a monologue. This interlude adds an interesting dynamic to the album by highlighting the fact that if he wants to gain popularity on social platforms then the complexity of his songs needs to be reduced. Epr Iyer leaves us to that with this track, possibly letting the listeners reflect on it.

The sixth song on the album, ‘Rock Fort’, addresses multiple social issues in its lyrics. Epr Iyer incorporates a spiritual angle into the song which literally elevates the listening experience. The song includes a prayer that encourages listeners to believe in themselves and their values. The use of chants adds a unique and mesmerizing element to ‘Rock Fort’.

We see Iyer’s vulnerable side in the seventh track ‘The Way She Is’, as he opens up about his feelings towards his lover. The song expresses some grand ideas along with the idea of accepting your partner as they are. 

The eighth song in the album, ‘Kaun?’, is a well-thought track that will make every listener question their existence. The music in this song is as good and inventive as hip-hop can get. ‘Kaun?’ delves into the existential theme, exploring the power of nature and urging the listener to contemplate the existence of everything around them. This empowering song also touches on societal issues and emphasizes the importance of believing in a power greater than ourselves. 

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The final song on the album, ‘An Epilogue Of Hope’ is a profound message of hope. The artist explores the notion that uncertainty is not something to be feared, but rather embraced. ‘An Epilogue Of Hope’ serves as a closure to the album, leaving listeners with a renewed perspective on life. 

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