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Electronic Artist Goya Dreamscapes Across the Mystical On Ambient EP ‘Space and Time’

In the realm of musical alchemy, Abhishek Sekhri, known by the evocative moniker, Goya, navigates the depths of human consciousness with the finesse of a seasoned sage. His craft transcends mere melodies but is the careful composite mix of storytelling between a man’s ingenuity with childlike wonder. At the heart of his craft lies “Kintsugi Studios,” the thorough proof of Sekhri’ s vision, tenderly embracing the shattered fragments of his art. Here, creativity fuses with resilience, birthing an atmosphere steeped in both vulnerability and strength.

Enter “Space and Time,” an EP that serves as a compass guiding wanderers through the ethereal landscapes of life and sound. Each track seems a ‘celestial party’ bearing the mark of Sekhri’s artistic signature—a delicate dance of profundity traversing within the five harmonies etched upon the fabric of “Space and Time.”

In The Womb
As the sounds begin, it introduces us with a ripple of a sense of calm, emulated through active layers of blissful composition. The minimal use of instruments prioritize the frame of mind moving hand in hand with rhythmic pulses scattered over this song. However towards the end, it feels like the light at the end of the tunnel, with visuals of sharp alarmic escapades. Each tug in the guitar strings feels like a carefully planted ripple in a vast abyss. With time, its intensity multiplies and expands in the background, yet the tint of tranquil prevails as the music slowly fades away.

Space and Time

This melody transpires through both space and time, juggling through dimensions yet meeting with a similar tellurian fate each time it meets the ear. Its namesake lies within the introduction, where the static pauses create troughs echoing the pause and rhythmic character of time, yet the synthwave at the back reminds us of the vast expanse of the infinity. The strangest bit isn’t that a lot of this music inspires the listeners to focus more on the vastness of the universe, but forces us to look inside us and discover the infinity within.

We Were Destined To Be Boundless
With one of the most hopeful ideations of humankind, Goya sets his foot on this piece with unmatched positivity. It’s all about a man’s hopeful reckoning of the potential he is capable of. The specks of instrumental enlightenment, both figuratively and metaphorically, throughout the song urges the listeners to grant a keen ear for this one. “We were destined to be Boundless” is the closest we have come to realizing the temporal truth of the boundless capabilities of mortals.

Mad Scientist(extended)

Probably one of the most far-fetched fever dreams of Abhishek, yet this song single-handedly captures the true essence of his eccentric musical vision. The melody comes to life like a newborn, listening to the sounds of nature in the vast abyss of ruins, the music just echoing out of nowhere. This reminds you of what it used to be yet now is not, screams towards the void and suddenly even those voices are curbed and subdued by remnants of a decay. “Mad Scientist” comes off as the pristine example of ambient music, and undoubtedly Abhishek tool bags this in his favorite’s list.

The Celestial Party

“The Celestial Party” is the final song from the EP and this has the effect of simmering down after a tumultuous ride overall. Its calm, equanimous and beholds the essence of a reposeful passion burning quietly, yet in measured cadences. 

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In the mesmerizing resonance of “Space and Time,” Goya beckons us to explore the depths of our imagination and the mysteries of existence. Hence, hop on to this voyage to the eccentric mind of our musical moniker who is sure to dilute your senses through his newest EP.

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