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Delhi’s Queer Rapper Finsta Redefines Hip-Hop With a Bold and Celebratory EP “Queerbops”

It’s not everyday that you come across rappers or artists in Indian Hip-Hop openly talking about sexuality and boldly presenting themselves as members of the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Unfortunately, this type of music and the form of hip-hop is deemed as something that is quite western and wannabe. In the scene where rappers are braggadocios and fabricated, Finsta, Queer Rapper from Delhi presents themselves openly and talks about their sexuality and preferences in their latest EP “Queerbops”. The project has 6 tracks that were released throughout May, and the collective EP was released on the first day of the Pride Month. The 17 minute long EP has two international features and along with Siri, a renowned pop star and female Indian rapper.

Queerbops stands to its name, all of the 6 tracks are literal BOPs that are heavily superimposed with trap sonics and unique samples. The trap beats and bouncy productions direct the project towards a hard-hitting sound that cannot be denied by the listeners. With productional features from unfuckman, yung satya and nasbandi, finsta has produced some of the tracks themselves. The theme of the project simply revolves around Finsta’s undaunted and real personality. A few sub-themes suggest their preferences and pleasures. The name of the EP aptly describes the keynotes of the project. Finsta’s voice modulations that give off a somewhat seductive sound and their effortless character tells a lot about them and their musicality to the audience.

Finsta’s unique approach does not end here, they even mixed Hindi and English vocals perfectly while adding humorous elements towards making fun of their haters especially their sarcastic bars towards the “straight” ones. Finsta proudly identifies themselves as “Dilli ki behtarin or iklauti kinner rapper”, which literally stands true as their previous works such as the EP “Jimmy Vogue” and their special feature in Dhanji’s “Bagmen” is immaculate. Queerbops is culturally fresh, it’s a bold testament as to what Hip-Hop is truly about, having the power to express your reality.

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