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Crossing Borders with ‘Turbo Deluxe’ by Talal Qureshi

In the playground that is South Asian artists in electronic music, Talal Qureshi holds a coveted spot. Having made his debut as a music producer in 2012, he’s grown from an instrumental musician to being a master at melding traditional Pakistani music with contemporary electronica sounds to create a unique genre of fusion electronica-pop. It is even more impressive that the first time he discovered making music on a computer on a Playstation. Even today he continues to use Acid Pro for his productions.

Initially a shy kid, growing up amongst his six siblings in Saudi Arabia, he found it hard to approach collaborators to produce music beyond the instrumental genre. Unfamiliar with the art of ‘networking’, his first breakthrough collaboration with Faris Shafi opened the floodgates for learning in beatmaking and vocal production. After impressive collaborations with artists like Natasha Noorani and Naseebo Lal, playing at the Mad Decent Block Party and being featured in the latest season of Coke Studio, Talal released his debut album, TURBO, last year. After a year of gaining him well-deserved praise, TURBO has been re-released as TURBO DELUXE with three additional tracks.

In TURBO DELUXE, and across its 15 tracks, listeners traverse diverse landscapes of South Asian music, with each song a unique mosaic of artistry. Voices from across the region collaborate, infusing every track with authentic multilingual resonance, breaking linguistic and genre barriers. The album features his frequent collaborators Maanu and Natasha Noorani, alongside Farheen Raza Jaffry, Zaw Ali, upcoming artists like blal bloch, Zahoor, and multiple songs with Indian artists Mitika Kanwar and Yashraj.

“The album was two years in the making and I took my time curating artists and my sound carefully,” Talal of his now-15 track album. “I have been a fan of the artists I chose and I believed in their ability to help me shape the sound for my album. Every collaborator on TURBO brought their own unique vibe and artistry. Because of their versatility, I was able to represent a whole range of genres like hip-hop, folktronica, pop and dance,” he adds.

In the massive 15 track album, you’ll find that you traverse myriad genres, emotions and life stages. Talal’s love for weaving female vocals with punchy beats and a smattering of hip hop is apparent as one listens through the album. From Mitika Kanwar’s mellifluous Punjabi voice singing of desire in AYA (Honey version) to Natasha Noorani’s playfulness in Jaan Meri, the album showcases Talal’s versatility when it comes to vocal production.

Our personal favourite is ‘KUNDI’ a hip-hop and rap fusion adorned with desi-pop production – a Qureshi’s trademark. With the dynamic collaboration of Pakistani artist blal bloch and Indian artist Yashraj, he weaves his magic, skillfully manipulating the flute, one of his favourite instruments, to infuse the track with a unique flair.

‘RANGEEN’, the first of two songs that feature Lahori singer-songwriter Maanu, is a colourful and effervescent Punjabi track that’s easy on the ears while the infectious desi-pop anthem ‘PHOOLON KI RANI’ features Maanu and singer and ethnomusicologist Natasha Noorani. Blending Urdu, Punjabi, and English, the track’s multilingual lyrics echo the sentiment of moving on to better things and embrace their worth.

‘CHAMELI’ sounds contemporary and familiar at the same time, thanks to its fusion of Punjabi lyrics and innovative soundscapes and the warm-toned voice of Farheen Raza Jaffry. The flute, acting as the core of the track, guides you through a musical narrative that is both hauntingly beautiful and irresistibly contemporary.

In one of the three new additions to the album, Qureshi and Azhar join forces, delivering ‘KYA’ a fusion of electronic beats and contemporary pop that’s reshaping the South Asian Music scene. ‘TARKA’ is an instrumental-based track that serves as a testament to Qureshi’s ability to seamlessly blend cultural influences with modern production and perhaps signalling a return to roots from the Pakistani producer.

From the reticence of his younger days to having his tracks featured on the hugely popular Marvel show ‘Ms. Marvel’, Talal has come a long way. We’re excited to see where his journey takes him next!

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