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CHRMS Takes Flight With Awaited Hyper-Pop Expedition with ‘Pilot’

With “Pilot,” Chrms, also known as Veer Kowli, takes a bold step into new territory, blending hyper-pop and IDM to create a mesmerizing EP that challenges the conventional boundaries of music. This release marks a significant evolution in Chrms’ artistic journey, showcasing his growth as a musician and a producer. Through five hypnotic tracks, Chrms explores themes of creation and destruction, beauty and violence, love and goodbyes, inviting listeners on a spectral journey through warm synths and debut vocals. “Pilot” is not just an EP; it’s a statement of intent, signaling a new chapter in Chrms’ musical saga.

Veer Kowli, known by his stage name Chrms, stands at the forefront of India’s evolving music scene, poised to redefine this landscape. Surely his background rooted in diverse musical influences has helped Veer’s journey as an artist and has been a quest for innovation and experimentation. His foray into hyper-pop and IDM with his latest EP, “Pilot,” reflects this journey, signaling a shift towards a more progressive and boundary-pushing approach to music.

As Veer’s musical evolution unfolds, his exploration into hyper-pop and IDM marks a significant departure from the usual mainstream Indian music genres, paving the way for a new wave of musical pioneering. This shift is indicative of a broader trend in India’s music industry, where artists are increasingly embracing electronic and experimental sounds. Veer’s bold venture into these genres not only demonstrates his artistic courage but also sets a precedent for future musicians to push the boundaries of what is possible in Indian music.

In “Pilot,” the opening track of Chrms’ EP, the artist undertakes a melodic quest that defies convention. The song begins with ethereal synths and wavy patterns, gradually integrating complex beats that eschew traditional patterns yet maintain a sense of familiarity. This experimental piece is a way of understanding Chrms’ skill in crafting intricate and immersive soundscapes. As the track progresses, mumbled vocals add to its eclectic nature, creating a mesmerizing blend of sound that captivates the listener.

“Skin” continues the journey with a light beat and catchy pop elements, introducing Veer’s vocals with a futuristic tone. The song is stylish and catchy, maintaining its character throughout. The synthesized sounds add a layer of depth, creating a rich and dynamic listening experience. 

“Split” emerges with a sound reminiscent of burning paper, leading into heavy beats and rhythmic patterns. The catchy pop elements give way to electronic vocals, creating a textural and tonally unique experience. The song evolves with each passing second, showcasing Chrms’ ability to push the boundaries of electronic music.

“Sharp” begins with a calm undertone that quickly gives way to intense beats. The electronic vocals intertwine with the base-heavy rhythm, evoking a sense of nostalgia and familiarity. The track is hypnotic and groove-heavy, resonating with a personal and heartfelt touch. 


Finally, “4U” emerges as the EP’s pinnacle, a delight that epitomizes the beauty of music. The vocals, arrangement, and composition blend seamlessly, showcasing Chrms’ artistry and talent. The melted echoing vocals surrounded with elements of hyperbop is just the panache of an artist like Chrms. This track is a sweetener, adding depth and emotion to an already impressive album, and solidifying Chrms’ position as an artist to be celebrated.

Through “Pilot,” Chrms has boldly ventured into new musical realms, showcasing his versatility and innovation. Each track in the EP shows his profound growth and evolution as an artist, demonstrating a level of creativity that sets him apart. Fans of his previous works, including the “Lover Boy” EP from 2019, will appreciate the fresh direction and experimentation evident in “Pilot.”

For those new to Chrms’ music, “Pilot” offers a captivating introduction to his unique style and sound. The EP’s blend of hyper-pop and IDM elements, coupled with Veer’s distinctive vocals, creates a captivating listening experience. “Pilot” not only highlights his artistic vision but also serves as a glimpse into the future of Indian music, where artists like Chrms continue to push boundaries and redefine genres.

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